Using Google+ 1: Finding content, saving searches, directories, engaging, sharing, tagging, targeting people of influence

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Hi, Tim here from the Goggle Plus conspiracy code with video 3.

This time we’re going to go through the Google+ account and actually use it and show you some of the best practices. This is actually part one of a two part video because there is a lot to cover. So let’s get into that and show you how to do that now.

Ok, as I mentioned we are going to go through and set up, sorry, not set up, were going to actually go through and use the Google plus account, so at the end of this video, or at the end of the 2 parts video you are going to have a good understanding of how to use Google plus to actually get some good benefits and gain maximum leverage. We are going to be covering stream and we’ll talk about that. Stream is the equivalent to the newsfeed in Facebook.

We’re talking about finding content, using whats hot and saving searches. Searches are a way to, well we will go through that anyway, a way to actually find content that you can actually share with other people. We’re gonna talk about making yourself stand out of the crowd, some tips on doing that. Also how content attracts people like bees to honey, and the fact is that you need content and how easy it is to actually find content that is relevant for your own niche.

In addition we’re going to be talking about directories. What they are and why there useful. Were gonna be talking about engaging with people by commenting and adding plus ones, we’ll actually show you how, well, I’ll show you how to actually do that.

How not to be labeled as a spammer because one of the things that will happen very quickly is Google will shut down your account or other people will be reporting you as a spammer and as a result of that you’re going to be shut down.

So were gonna show you how some of the things not to do as well.

We’re going to show you how to share a post in your stream, A stream again is your stream of content which other people can connect too and see. So we’re going to show you how to do that.

We’re also going to take it to the next level and talk about sharing other peoples content, and part of that process would be how to tag people in conversations as well. Tagging is very useful to do, when you tag someone, they actually get notification in their stream of content, that you’ve tagged them and it can be a way for people to see what you’re talking about and hopefully to get them to follow you. So were gonna do that.

And just a bit of an overview while we’re doing that as to why plus one comments are important, why are we doing it for? Is it all about fun or are we doing this for a particular reason? We’re going to discuss that.

And the other interesting thing is why the employment info helps attract people and helps get people connecting to you. Were gonna talk about it, were gonna show you an example of my profile and the information that I’ve actually got recorded in my profile and why you should probably not put what you think you would normally put in the employment profile.

Targeting people of influence is another thing because obviously people have already got a large circle of followers, we wanna try and get engaged with their followers and also that person, so were gonna have a talk, I’m gonna actually show you an example of how I managed to engage a person of influence.

And why in the profile and the about text, we talked before about the employment but also why the profile and the about text, you know the information that we keyed in our profile, why that is so vital to get right and to make sure you spend some time, you know really putting some good information in there.

Now I know it all sounds harder than it looks. You probably thinking, well we’re actually saying, it’s not as bad as it sounds, that’s really the bottom line. It’s not anywhere near as hard as it sounds and the best way of doing that, or proving that if you will, is for me to actually go through a demo of that now, so let’s get into it right now, I’m gonna actually demonstrate how to do some of these things.

Ok, so let’s actually get into our Google+ profile, you can see this is the user, I’m a G+ user, that we set up in our setup video, which was video 2, so let’s go and use some of the functionality within Google+.

Firstly we talked about the stream, understanding the stream and sharing in your stream

We did a little bit of this in the setup video; I just wanted to go through over here again and show you. This is your stream this is by default, you’re seeing everything.

So, if you click your home button up here, you’ll actually see all your streams but if you want to just have a break down you can actually select only certain categories if you will certain types of streams.

Click on friends for arguments sake. Now we haven’t got any friends to find, we’ve got people featured on Google I believe. You can just see just those people if you just actually want to do it that way. It’s not particularly useful. Now this is your stream here, in terms of the content.

Now everything that is from other people who are sharing information to you, is going to appear here in this stream, so this can get very crowded. If you’re following hundreds of people it can get very crowded. So what I suggest you do is over here with the stream, even though we talked about having one persona per niche and I suggest you do that.

You might have an account where you’ll actually be looking to create information, sorry to find information that you can share, what you can do is you can create a news stream and what you can do is, the advantage of doing that is stream again is you can go into circles and so forth which we will talk about a bit later.

The advantage of doing that is, when you go to circles I’ll just give you a quick example. someone like Lady Gaga, now she’s already defined as music, Now we can create a new circle if we wanted to we can say information collection, we’re gonna create that. Now if we go back home again, there’s information collection. Now at the moment if you click on that, there’s going to be absolutely nothing in there. What we can do, as we go through the video I’m going to show you how you’re actually going to use this. But what you can do is put all the information that you’re using to send out in a particular stream, you can go back to it at any time which is actually very useful.

But before we do that we need to find out how to find information, now there’s 2 main ways to actually find information. Find content and again the reason we’re finding content is we are attracting people so people obviously go where the content is, so we want to go to the content as well.

What’s hot

One way, is to go down here to what’s hot and these are the things that are the posts that are actually getting a lot of +1’s.

YouTube Preview Image

In other words people are engaging with it or getting a lot of comments. Here’s a example here of breaking news and you can see here its had 262 comments its had 250 shares that means 250 people have shared this on their stream and that will actually create back links which we will talk about shortly anyway and also

195 people have +1’d that, so if we were wanting to plus one that, we said okay were just putting our hand up to say yeah, okay that’s interesting, we can just click on plus one.

So were actually engaged now with that person and what they can see now at anytime is, they can actually go into their plus ones and they can see who has actually shared it. You can see if we click on this button now, this will actually show you, there’s us Imag+user and all these other people, it actually gives you the names of all the people who have actually +1’d that post.

Now the other thing we can do is we can click on the comments , we can scroll down the bottom and there’s gonna be quite a bit of space because there’s 260 comments, now you can actually go through there, whoops I’ll just get to the bottom of that and you can add something. Now for example, I haven’t actually read too much what the post is so perhaps we won’t do that we’ll leave that to a later stage. The point is what’s hot is something there that’s current, breaking news if you will. So what we’ll do is we will scroll down a little bit and we’ll see what else is there. Because that’s just one article, one story and there’s going to be lots of other stories. So we’ll scroll down and we’ll see what else is actually available there.

Ok, hers another story…

We gave people an iPad 2, told them it was the new iPad and they loved it. That’s quite an interesting story. People obviously not realizing that the iPad2 is not the new iPad which is the iPad 3. Something else.

Star wars and you can see this is like a large one and this has had 1029 +1’s and 477 shares. So this is a way for you to just find some content. Now the content may or may not be relevant, the thing is you don’t always have to be 100% of the time be publishing content that’s, you know perfect for your niche. For example, if you’re in dog training you don’t always have to be publishing dog training information.

You’ll find that if you do that people will probably get a little bit sick of the information your sending, so it’s good to mix it up and if it’s something that is interesting, like that photo now that’s interesting with dog training, now that’s a picture of a cat by the looks of it, now that could be something that you could sort of weave in somehow to your niche.

So it’s very very easy if you want to share it. So if you decided yes I wanna share this, I’m interested in this, I wanna send this to my circle. In other words to the people who are following me I can just click on this share button. Now it’s very important up here to actually type something in, if we just clicked on share and then selected who we wanted to send it to, we would normally select public, I recommend for nearly all so you’ll be just clicking on public.

But if you were using a persona for more than one niche, then here is where you would only select a niche. So you would only select say people, family if you wanted to send the post only to them you’d select that. what we would recommend normally is you would select on public because we’re using one niche per profile and basically anytime were publishing to public, which of course has got the other advantage of being picked up in the search engines because some of these other ones may or may not be picked up if we don’t select public, and you can do multiple ones as well.

Now if I’d just clicked on share now that’s quite valid, you can do that but one of the reasons I suggest you don’t do that is we want to add some content here, we want to give our followers, the people who are following us who have added us to their circles, a reason to click on there.

So this text here, which is originally by Diane Cosgrove, she’s the person who originally contributed this little post, we might wanna add something. This would be where you want to create the link between your group of people, the people who are following you and this article. So give them a reason to engage and give them the reason why so they can sort of come and cross and say you know this is interesting, I’m quite interested in following this. So you say something like….

This is a cool, this is just an example obviously, this is a cool picture of a cat, yes, I know, not a dog. Now it’s probably not the best example of posting of the information I’ve added, but the point I really wanna stress here is that you need to make sure this contact here is engaging. Yes, you can use keywords, there’s no reason not to use keywords, so if dog training was a keyword that you were following, you could put something in there, weave that into it but do take the time to put something real in there and don’t just try and be a spammy type person.

But anyway in terms of sharing all we have to do at that point is click on share.

That’s now been shared to the people who are following us, in other words who have added us to their circle. Now if we click back on home you can see that now automatically appeared and you can se that’s come up from us Imag+user and you can see the text that I’ve added but below that link and this is the magic of Google+, below that you can see it keeps the original person.

Can you see its got a link there to her profile and a link there to her post an it’s also got her text again and the picture. Now, so the +1’s and the comments down here now are actually rating to your share.

If I clicked on plus one, that’s the first person whose plus oned this post, coz this is sort of your own post which is a copy of Clare’s. If you wanted to go back and comment on her post, you’d then need to click on this button here and that goes back to her version of the post and there we have it with the 265 +1’s, 124 shares etc, and you can see there now 124 shares, imag+user has just shared that.

We’ve actually shared that and it shows that. This is one of the beauties of Google+, all that information is available to you so you can start seeing how people are distributing their content and you can start mirroring that and start doing the same thing, which is just wonderful obviously.

So we will go back home again, can you see the power of this?

Not only is this a link and we’re actually sending off content, now this is probably a bad example of content in the sense that there’s not a lot of text here. Now obviously search engines like text and images but mainly text so obviously it would be good to pick a post that’s got a lot more content but again were not always looking at it from the search engines point of view, sometimes were looking at it at from the actual person’s point of view.

When in actual fact we should be doing that more than search engines because the search engines generally go where the people are. But the point I’m really gonna wanna stress her is, use links. So you can become the person that other people are sharing, so can you see how quickly this is going to go viral? Because every time they share, you can see in this case this share Clare Cosgrove has got a link to her profile from my stream, so that’s another link and also to her post.

So that’s very quickly created a back link. This is the magic of Google+. In this case we go back to her post again; you can see that that number is actually going up as we are sitting here as well. 125 people have shared so there’s 125 links that have happened and this is only 8:41, the time is 11:05 as I’m shooting this, so in a few hours Clare Cosgrove has already received 125 back links at least. Let alone all these comments as well so she’s got a lot of engagement.

These comments are also good because every time someone comments on that as well that’s someone else those comment are actually showing up as well so that’s fantastic and you can see people have been individually clicking on these +1’s. This is another way for you to engage as well with pots. if you look down and find something that you think is cool, you can either click +1 up here, clicking +1 up here means that you agree with that and you can see the counts gone up but if you like a particular comment, you click on +1 great effect.

So in other words we’ve added our +1 to his comment so he’ll be able to see that he’s got a +1. If Mike Gableman goes back and checks this he will be able to see that you’ve +1d it so again it’s very engaging. And if we wanted to add something, again were not on our shared copy of this post were on the original one. If I scroll right down to the end….Thanks for showing us a cool pic.

Now the other thing we can do, I wanna talk about tagging, sorry I’ve just gone back up to the top again I’ll just to find her name. I can’t remember what her name was, Clare Cosgrove, that’s right. Now if you wanted to actually have a reference to Clare, you could put +Clare. You could see when I typed in the + and there’s her name.

So if I actually post the comment now, she will actually see that in her stream that you’ve actually posted it and she gets notification that someone’s actually commented. So that’s a great way to capture someone’s attention. Now I’m not going to do that now, only because I have the user name of Imag+user and I don’t really want to get this account banned and have to repeat these videos.

But in an ordinary world, people like feedback and I’ll be surprised if someone hasn’t done that. They’ll probably make a liar of me but generally it almost; there you go there’s an example there, someone else has done that. Great find Clare Cosgrove. So that’s a reference to that one.

So that’s the type of engaging comment you would actually make. Right, so I’m going to make the comment, I’m not gonna put that, so that will just appear as a regular comment and it won’t show up in her, she won’t get a notification saying that I’ve actually done it.

Because we obviously don’t want this account to come across as being spam in any way. Alright so that’s how you go about tagging. Tagging again is very useful. We’re going to show you some more examples of making yourself stand out from the crowd and so forth, but that’s a great way of actually capturing someone’s attention.

Well, let’s get back to where we were which was what’s hot? So that’s one way and again every time you do that you’ll get a new list of news. And that changes all the time basically. When a new item comes out you’ll actually get that in there. But the other way you can actually find information is just by doing a regular search.

Google+ Real-time search

So you can type in, again our trustee search dog training…Click on the search.

Now that’s gonna save and give us information about dog training. Now we’ve got lots of options here. We can search on everything, just people and pages, just posts that have got the term in it. Sparks, which is basically feeds and hangouts, that’s people who have video hangouts who are actually live now.

Generally I’ll leave it on everything. You can put from, the ability from everyone, from people only within your circles. So an internet marketer we would normally put from everyone and from everywhere. You can put in a particular location if you only wanted to find a particular amount of content from a particular place in the World. Again, generally you would be selecting everywhere, now this will give you a list of items that have got something to do with dog training.

You can see there the words dog training’s there and there’s people who have commented on there so there’s lots of information. Now if you only wanted to go back and look at posts about dog training, coz if you decided, ok, I don’t wanna necessarily find people at this stage. Although this is quite a valid way of doing it.

But I wanna find some posts about dog training. I can click on Google+ posts.

Now that’s just going to show posts that have got the words dog training or are about dog training mentioned. We can scroll down and find something. Say were interested in this particular article, were gonna have a look at that, that’s a fairly new article, it’s only been added a few hours ago today. Coz it’s just after 11 over here and its 9:18.

So if we were interested in that one we could click on +1 and again we can do a comment like I showed you before. I won’t do one in this particular case but very easy to find information and if you thought that information was good for your list, in other words people who are following you on Google+, you could share that.

That’s another way of doing it again. You put in your comments, you click it and it would go into your stream. And remember any time that you share information and you share it publicly like this, it automatically goes into everyone’s stream, who have you in their circles. So if you’ve got a thousand people who have our account in their circle by just sharing this, a thousand copies of what you’ve shared goes to a thousand pages effectively. Can you see how powerful this is?

This is the power of Google+ and especially then if the content that your sending is of high quality, if your information is interesting and you know relevant to what their needs. If they share it, that could go to a thousand people or however many people are following them and it can go viral very, very quickly and you can get thousands or tens of thousands of links very, very quickly. So this is one way for you to find content.

And one of the great things I like about this is you can actually save your search so that when you save it, I’ll do that now. You can see its appeared down here now so that if we go back to what’s hot for arguments sake, any time we want to go back to our dog training, we can click on that and that can come up, so you can save as many searches as you want and bearing in mind that this will save search, so if something else comes out then this will be renewed. It’s like an RSS feed.

In other words, it’s updated constantly so it’s not saving the status as it is now.

It’s actually saving the actual search so that every time you click that button you’ll get the latest search. The other thing of course you can do here is the best of, to get the information that Google+ is telling us is the best, so its normally in terms of sharing or engagement, is how its factored in what’s good. So alright that’s just one example of finding content.

So, you could do that for each one of your keywords for arguments sake or general keywords and build up a list. And that would be a good way of finding content.

One of the cool things you can do, because if you think about it, let’s just say you were down here in this post. You can actually see that this post will eventually

get lost, if you looked at that post and thought, that’s a really cool post, I might look at distributing that or sharing that next week, but of course every time you click on this button here to search again. That’s gonna show you the new list.

The new list of what’s the latest stuff for dog training and you might actually find that you lose that. It gets lost and you can’t remember where it was. Well, really a cool little tip for you to do to save it, is to click on the share button, but this time you don’t share to public. You actually create a circle that is just for your

sharing. Now you remember before I talked about and I created the information collection? So we can actually put something in there and up in here you can actually type what you think is relevant. You can say, this is great dog training information for puppy owners.

Basically you’re putting a comment that’s of interest to you only, to give you a heads up on what this content is for. Again were sharing this to the information collection circle of which there are no members other than us. Does that make sense? So in other words it’s there purely for us, it’s our internal tracking of a particular post. So when we share that, if we go back up here, now it does appear when we click on home it does appear here in our stream.

However anyone who’s following you would not see that because they’re only following, they would have to be part of this stream, of this information collection stream to see that. And if we have a look here under the circles, under information collection we actually haven’t got any people. We’ve got the information we’ve collected and the only person in there is Lady Gaga but the thing is they have to add us back, in other words they have to add us to their circle before they see any of our content.

So we can put anyone we want in a circle but they won’t see any of our content until they add us to a circle and this is the reason of course why were looking for great content is to make sure that that content is something that people will pick up on and wanna share and they wanna start following you. So the point I’m making here is there’s one person in this video who we added earlier Lady Gaga, she won’t actually see any of the information collection unless she adds us back.

If she adds us back, in other words if she adds us to the circle because remember any time you add someone to any of your circles they get a notification email or an SMS depending on how they’ve configured their notifications they will actually get one of those back to say that that’s happened. So that’s something to keep in mind, in actual fact if we go back and have a look for featured, actually I’m in the wrong spot, if I just go back to have you in circles.

You can see here we actually have got a place, if you remember we added a number of people in the setup video and this person Nova Fm which is a radio station in Australia, they actually added us back. So people do that, just by the pure fact that you’re actually adding people, you will get people to add you back.

Twitter is notorious for that; I wouldn’t say that’s necessarily the best strategy. It’s a strategy but I think you need to back that up with good content as well. Because people will look at your stream to see what is relevant and again the information that they see by default is your public stream.

Let’s go back to where we were anyway and the point I wanna show you then is that information, that useful post, if I click on information collection, you can see here that I’ve got that original article that I’ve added, well I’ve actually got two. I’ve got one from Lady gaga but I’ve also got the article that I added. So this is a way for you to collect information and of course if you want to distribute that, too share that n the future, you would go down to her original post again, open that post up and you would share it as you would, as you did before but this time you would change that to make that public and you put in your note there.

Alright so that’s a great way for you to actually find or to give yourself a reminder about the information that you want to share. Look I suggest you use that. I use that often, if you find a good post or you happen to see a good post, don’t think you’re gonna remember it later, the reality is your aren’t going to remember it, tag it straight away or put it into its own collection, its own stream its own circle if

you will and that’s gonna make it a lot easier for you to track and be able to share that at a future date.

Making yourself stand out of a crowd.

Now it’s very important that you pick a strategy to make yourself stand out of a crowd.

Now I wanna just show you a couple of examples of people who are doing something different on Google+. For example this guy, Rahul Roy,now I like this guy and one of the things he’s doing, he finds lots of images. You can see here he’s got 7 and a half thousand people, he’s actually, a lot of the stuff that he does is finds images and he actually shares images.

That’s it and that’s how he attracts lots of followers. If I just scroll down and have a look you’ll see there’s lots of different images and he’s always coming up with them. In actual fact today, that’s about 3 hours ago; he’s added one and before that he added another one and that’s really what his forte is. He doesn’t always do it sometimes he shares other information but more often than not… Voices don’t sleep under your bed they sleep inside your head and he does get some engagement as you can see. Thanks for noticing this new noticing has been noted. He’s got some good information but he’s mixing it up and people are interested in images.

Images are a great model to look at, so consider that as one option. Another option is this guy; I’ll just copy his name off screen. Now this guy is all about information. Now you can see here, whoops I’m in the wrong spot, I did the wrong search, I’ll go back to there again. Click home and I’ll search, oh I know what I’m doing wrong. Third time lucky Tim. will he get there?

Ok, that’s what I was trying to do, click on his profile. Ok now this guy, Denis Labelle, he’s got 51,000 people in his profile and he’s all about very relevant information. He’s very concise and he’s got lots of information and you can see he’s getting some engagement there on it’s of his posts. So he’s already out there today he’s posted a few articles. You can see there he’s got 91 shares, some comments +1’s. Again at any time if you’re liking something you just click on +1’s and I suggest you do that.

Get into the habit of using +1’s and commenting stuff if you find it interesting because again that’s setting up links back to your profile automatically and its showing Google that your actually an engaging user and not like a spammer whose not contributing to the betterment if you will, of Google+.

So his model is good information he very much categorizes Google+, your business brand and organization that’s what he’s talking about.

One other guy, just to give you a bit of an idea and these are only three ideas, there’s numerous other ways of doing it. This guy’s bearing cartoons so he’s obviously someone who’s very gifted with drawing. A cartoonist. So he does lots of cartoons and you can see some of these are old ones so he’s sharing some of his old content as well.

He’s got a funny little picture, a caricature for his profile picture and he’s getting lot of engagement you can see and he’s very relevant. As today is St Patrick’s day as I’m filming this and you can see that there’s been people commenting. Alright, so that’s just three ways and he’s got 10,000 people. Now interesting this guy he’s actually following 4,900 people and he’s got 10,000.

Some people will find that they don’t want to follow anyone or they’ll follow only a couple of hundred, I suggest you follow at least 2-300 to get started if not more. but this guy he’s following a lot more because if you start following thousands of people your stream is going to be so full, it’s going to be very very hard to keep a track of all that and that’s when you would really have to have separate categories, separate circles if you will for each type of person, so that each time you follow someone you have to put them in the category of what your following them for.

I suggest a smaller number than that. There’s lots of others, music is another option, videos or it can just be good information as you saw. There are a couple of different ways there. You need to have a think about what’s gonna differentiate yourself between the average person and you. You really want to try and stand out of the crowd so people will want to share your information. To come up with something. So it could be like funny pictures, music as I said there are lots of options there.

Directories are like yellow pages

Ok, next let’s just talk about some directories. I’ve actually got a shared post here which I’ll paste in. Directories are, think of it as yellow pages (Find People On Plus – .  It’s just a way for you to get into various publications and it’s just a way for other people to find you. Now some directories will automatically find you. For example this one here, find people on plus, If I just quickly go into that one because we obviously don’t have time to go through them all in this video. So we can just do a search for my name, Tim Buchalka.

I’ve actually got two accounts in there, I’ve actually got another test account, it’s a bit outdated but the information is very updated. It’s interesting though it gives you some information plus clout, what’s your engagement factor if you will and employment. Now that information is actually outdated, I’m gonna talk about that later in the video, you can see this option here, you can add as a circle so this is a good way for you to find people, this is also away for other people to find you.

So that’s why it’s good to get into these directories, using the right keywords and so forth to actually ensure that people are finding you. Now I didn’t actually add myself to this directory, this directory is very good coz it has got over 45 million people at the time of shooting this video that have already been found and indexed. Lots of other ones and they all do different things like circle count has more than 4.8 million Google profiles indexed.

Social Stats – is another one, the hottest Google+ posts which is interesting, so you can go to there and can actually find out the hottest posts. so I’m gonna leave you a link to this one, this is probably not the newest directory bear in mind that like anything its evolving over time, so new directories will come out and existing directories will you know perhaps not become as popular as they once were.

But get yourself into directories because it’s very important to, a very good way of actually getting people to find you.

Others are:, Bearing in mind as well of course, if I’m actually in one of those directories, I’ve actually got a back link from that directory to my Google profile which of course is going to build up the power of my Google profile. the more directories and so forth your part of the more power your profiles going to get every time you actually send out some information.

Shared Circled

Shared circles is something else, I just want to quickly show you that. I’ll give you an example of a shared circle. Now this is something, we talked before about Bearman cartoons he actually came out with a shared circle. A shared circle is, we talked about the concept of circles, where you can actually put people into a circle and categorize them, you can actually share that entire circle. So you can see how powerful that is.

Bearman cartoons has done that. If we click on his view shared circle button, we can see what’s happened here, as you can see my names in there, so he’s actually added me to it and I actually got him to add me to his profile. Now can you see the power of this circle?

Because what’s actually happened is Bearman has actually this is Bearman cartoons, has shared this circle with all these people in it and this has gone out too all the people, all 10,000 people who happen to be in these circles and of course I’m in that circle. You can see the power of that circle of that view shared circle, sorry of the shared circle because it’s really giving you the ability of another way to get on to the stream.

What I found really quickly with i was, as soon as he did that I had about a hundred people almost instantly sign up and add me to their profile. So remember, what will happen is, they will see this, they’ll click on that and then they’ll have a look and go who is that guy? Who is this handsome guy? Notice information, I’m gonna show you where you actually set that, coz you can see when people actually hover over it, some of the information may or may not be relevant, some of its okay. But we need to make sure that we actually set the right information there.

This is someone’s first, other than my good looks, if they wanna know who is this Tim Buchalka, what is he about? Ok, an internet gook with a passion to share, and you can see very easily then I can just go click on add, friend. Let’s just say it was a friend and they’ve added you and suddenly you’ve got someone following you. That’s the power of circles, how easy it is for someone to add you so you need to make it easy for them to give them the reason to make sure they’ve got the right information.

Of course in the meantime they can click if they wanted too as well. Alright I’m gonna cancel out of that, I’m gonna talk more about how I got into that view shared circles a little bit later in the video and times ticking on.

We’ve talked about engaging people with +1’s and comments, that’s how you have to start. You can pump out some information and I suggest you do that, get some great information out and add it to your stream.

But to get people to be able to start trying to find you, you need to be out there engaging in other peoples comments, you know step one basically is to get out there and do that, So I suggest you d that. To have people follow you basically you’ve got to follow people.

I’ve got another little post and these links I will be posting, they should be on the page actually. I’ve got a little interesting bit of information here, some rules about how to attract people or rules of circling, which is of course that and following people.

The 10 commandments about circling

  1. Thou shall not spam! – Obviously very important.
  2. Thou shalt have a profile picture of thyself! – We’ve talked about that.
  3. Thou shant post hundreds of GIFs with the caption of LOL must see! – So in other words we need to have decent content, we don’t want to just share, really what we’re talking about is we’re trying to engage someone, were trying to give people our thoughts were trying to get our personalities into these comments so we wanna make sure we don’t just say oh you have to see this or click this or do that, that’s not enough, you need to really engage and give people a reason, let them see the real you in other words.
  4. Touh shall not post images of smut, especially if I‘m at work – Self-explanatory
  5. I shall speak my mind, language, usually. – So in other words you wanna relate to be talking the same lingo, lingo is using the right say buzz words if you will that your audience, the people you’re trying to capture and talk too are talking.
  6. Shouldnt play too be an evangelist, a social media strategist or a g+ expert. – So in other words your trying to be friendly this is what its all about, its not about selling, you shouldn’t be trying to be selling, we should be talking about interesting things that people are relating too because we’re indirectly using the power of Google+ to sell were not doing it directly.
  7. I shall add posts about me and be an interesting person. – So again were not, our profile has to be fully filled out, we need to have posts and we want to be out there and interesting, we wanna be taking a stand. don’t sit on the fence, go there. make a point, say No, I don’t agree with this or I do agree with this. Let people know what your opinions are. Remember they may not be your opinions they me be your personas opinions but in other words, be engaging is what were talking about.
  8. I shall not be a creep, ever! – Very important obviously, we wanna be a nice person, the thing is with this information it will stay here for a lifetime, so if you are nasty your persona, its going to show and people can find that so again you wanna be nice.
  9. I shall not be a dick! – Well that’s obviously very important as well, we wanna be, it really leads on with the previous rule doesn’t it. Don’t be a creep, to be nice, you know to be sincere and to be the person you should be.

10. Now we talked a little bit before about it you wanna make sure youre not an anonymous person you wanna really be someone. Someone whose got a proper profile picture, a real person even though we are creating an internet persona, we can as much as possible give the appearance of actually a real person. That’s actually very, very important.

How not to be a spammer

Now, how to be a spammer would be how to do, how to be all the opposite of these things. If we didn’t have a profile picture or we started putting up lots of content with you know watch this, click this, do this buy this now. In other words if we’re doing all these things here, the opposite of these things here were probably going to be labeled as a spammer.

If we start posting comments on people’s posts, saying this is good, click here to buy my product or look at the picture I added. if your to self promotional, you’re gonna get yourself in trouble and that’s what we’re trying not to do. We wanna com across as someone who is sincere and interesting that people wanna naturally buy.

Now this again leads to why +1’s and comments are so important, every time you +1 and you comment, any time you do a tag with using the + sign and the person name, your starting an engagement factor and the person can see that but also Google can see that and Google I having a look and measuring those +1’ and comments to identify how engaging you are as a person and obviously how much power to give your profile.

So the more you do this, the more you’re out there engaging, particularly early on where your creating your profile the better it’s actually gonna be for you because its going to help raise your profile in the eyes of Google and its going to help your content rank later when we get to those future videos. It’s very important to do that correctly.

Current employment info and the about information

We talked before about the current employment info and the about information and why it’s so important. I just wanna show you why that is important. So if we just go back home and do a search for my profile. Ok if i click on, actually I’ll go back there again coz I actually found the result. Unfollow!

You can see there already Internet geek with a passion to share. That line there, is very important. By default that’s actually your employment, for mine that was my employment one. I actually changed that. If I go back into my profile, if I click that. Click on About, here.

Employment Internet Geek with a passion to share you can see how I change that? So that’s actually my employer, and I changed that to be something interesting so that people would actually see that, otherwise if they saw the name of my employer and most people would probably be thinking what’s the problem with that, what the big deal there.

First couple of paragraphs, and sentences are very important in your About.

Make sure they are interesting. I’ve talked to you that I am very passionate about Google plus, Boo hiss Facebook trying to make a joke. “I’ve been told I am funny, someone said I was a joke”.

I am trying to engage people. They might be clicking on hundreds of profiles so you want to try and stand out of the crowd a little bit and this is one way of doing it by putting in a basic bit of information.

So again the important thing there is Employment, the Employment section. And I put a brief rant in the Employer section. Well a bit of a comment and that’s what someone will see when they click my name.

I’ll just go back to show you that again. If someone happens to search my name, see there, that’s what they see.

That’s the first thing they actually see, so it’s important to get that right and filling out that profile.

Targeting people of influence and how you can get them to add you.

Ok, we are getting towards the end of this video; the other thing I just wanted to point out was I talked about targeting people of influence and how you can get them to add you.

Let’s just go back to this post here. This is that Bearman cartoons. Now this guy on March the 2nd came up with a post and he was looking to put together a shared circle. You can search for this by the way. Search for shared circles or words to that effect to find people.

So anyway he actually set get on the list by circling me if you haven’t already.

Now that’s really clever already because he is getting people to circle him so he gets more followers. And he had some criteria there.  Basically he asked you to talk about yourself so that he would actually want to add you to his shared circle.

So if I scroll down here, way more than 100 people commented and he was only going to put 100 people in the shared list.  There you are, that’s me.  So I actually put something on there.  I mentioned who I was, blah blah blah blah blah, making a nice living online, showing some negative perceptions of this industry, and it can be a little hard to stand out of the crowd. I try and be a little bit different and tell it like it is.

Now that’s what I mean and I notice there I clicked the +Bearman cartoons so he would get a notification about this. You can see lots of people didn’t get this right someone put too many spaces because it hasn’t come up correctly, or include enough information.

Mine was a two pronged attack because I wanted to get added to the list, but also that there would be a lot of other people looking to become part of this and they will be scanning these profiles.

I actually put links to a video I posted about myself, talked about what I am doing daily videos, questions plus I am an Aussie, am told my accent is cute, so I ended up making a reasonable sized post.

Some people put quite short posts, some put they wished they could engage more during the day, this one here is a student, they didn’t put a + to the persons name.

Anytime you are commenting on a persons profile I suggest you put plus and the name of the person to make sure they get to see your notification, so you can get them to engage you and hopefully follow you.

Interestingly enough, by getting myself added to Bearman Cartoons shared circle that second guy Denis Label, the one I showed earlier in the video who had 50 thousand people following him he followed me as a result of that.

So that was interesting, so I am getting engagement from a large person with 50 thousand followers purely because I took the time to start engaging.

Now I’ve done very little engaging. The followers I have got so far I have got from very little engaging and this is the only guy I have engaged in this manner so far. If you were doing this a lot more, you would be getting a lot more followers more quickly.

Keep that in mind it’s very easy to do.  Ok well this video turned into an epic and I think  it’s cracking a few hours or feels like it anyway, and my voice is feeling hoarse.

So I’m going to end it there and I hope you have got a lot out of this part 1 getting the most out of Google plus, in part 2 we are going to talk about some things we have not discussed yet and consolidating where we are at. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in Video 4.

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