Using Google+ Huddle for Mobile Marketing

Have you ever wanted to get into mobile marketing, but you were afraid it would be too expensive or too technical? Most people feel the same way. Mobile marketing is certainly intriguing. Imagine the power of being able to reach your contacts instantly, even when they aren’t at their computers? That’s the power of mobile marketing!

Huddle is a way to stay in touch with your contacts using the power of Google+ Mobile. Using Huddle, you can send messages straight to your contacts’ mobile devices! This lets you contact people immediately, even if they’re not home. You can send messages to individuals, or even to entire groups of people with just a click! It’s extremely powerful stuff!

Using Huddle, you can sync your Google+ account with a mobile device. This will let you upload photos while you’re on the go. You can also tag locations with your phone’s GPS, add locations to your updates, and more. You can set permissions on your locations so only certain people or groups can see them, so there’s no need to worry about privacy.

Just remember to use this feature carefully. If you start sending every update this way, people will probably get upset very quickly. Use it rarely, and only when you have a message that is very important that you need to be seen immediately. It’s perfect for emergency situations, major announcements, and other similar situations, but not for everyday messages.

Remember, some people are charged for incoming text messages. Not only that, but people become very upset when they receive a message on their phone that they don’t feel is important. It interrupts their day, and it can be upsetting if they are expecting an important message. Be respectful, and the tool can be extremely useful.

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