Understanding Google+ and Why you should NOT ignore it

Note: These are the transcripts of some of the videos from one of  the most complete Google+ training for people that want to learn how to get most out of Google+. I have formatted it, but are not allowed to include any images, but even though you will learn a LOT! If you would like to get the full course, including videos, MP3s and Transcripts  go here… In the meantime, Enjoy!

Alright, let’s have a bit more of a look at what this course is about. I outlined it very briefly at the start of the video. Everything you get need to know to get the most out of Google+, effectively. You’re going to get a lot more traffic out of it, because you are going to find out the ways to attract people. So you’ll get the most out of Google+.

And of course the reason we’re doing all this, the aim of all this, is to earn more money online. And that’s what you’re going to get by applying these principles.

Now by the end of this video you’re going to have a solid understanding of what Google+ is, and you’re going to know what you need to do to go about setting it all up. And of course the other thing you’re going to learn to do, is you’re going to learn some of the Google+ lingo, which is Australian for buzzwords. Because Google+ does have some terms that are confusing the first time you see them. We’re going to go through and make those a little bit easier and let you know what they’re called, and how to go about about it.

A couple of things you need to know is, and we’re also going to outline this: reasons why you must not ignore Google+. Perhaps you’ve looked at this in the past and wondered, well, why would I bother? There are not many users, and isn’t Facebook the number 1 social media site? We’re going to talk about why that isn’t the case.

We’re going to go through a brief history of definitions. We promise it isn’t going to be too boring. I think it’s important for you to understand the history and grounding of this, to understand where Google is coming from, to hopefully get you guys pumped up, to really realize there is a benefit to using this stuff. Some amazing stats on the growth of Google+ we’re going to go through. And some of the terminology we’re just going to clarify that. Google+, Google+ for business, Search+ your world, etc.

And as I outlined before, why you need it, what’s the advantage of you actually learning this information.

You know, something that I do tell people when I speak to them is that ignoring Google – you do that at your peril. As you know Google is the number 1 search engine out there now, and I don’t think there would be many people in the world who would say to ignore Google.

But you know what? Google+ is a Google product! So many people seem to be ignoring that, and they’re looking at Facebook as the only option. And looking at the competition, you would think that maybe it is Facebook versus Google+.

The thing that we’re saying to people is that Google+ is very new. It’s rapidly growing. No, it’s not the size of Facebook yet. But would you ignore Google? Is it wise to ignore Google? Absolutely not. You shouldn’t be ignoring them, and you do so, quite frankly, you ignore it at your own peril. And that’s what we’re going to look at shortly.

But let’s start right at the very start. What is Google+?

Well, effectively, even though Google don’t like to say this, effectively you can say Google+ is Google’s answer to Facebook. So it’s the ability to share your thoughts, share your photos, much like Facebook, but on a Google platform instead of Facebook.

It’s also got video chat capabilities, it’s got games, which probably aren’t as important for us as Internet Marketers. It’s got all those familiar things that if you’ve used Facebook, and I’m sure you probably have before, it’s very similar in terms of the functionality, but of course it’s completely different in terms of how to go about doing that.

One interesting thing is Google+ Circles. This is a way of categorizing, if you like, your followers, or the people that you’re following. You can, for example, use a Google+ account and effectively have two or three different niches in that one account, and you can segregate those people into different categories. So Google+ calls them circles. And it just gives you the ability to break down and categorize your users.

And, as I’ve outlined, by assigning people to Circles, it allows you to converse with different people, instead of a mass broadcasting content to everyone you are connected to.

We’ll actually talk about this in full detail in the setup video, the video following this. There are different ways to go about setting up Circles and it’s important for you to decide virtually from Day 1 which way you’re going to go when you set up your account. So we’ll talk more about that then.

Let’s talk about Google+ for Business. Well basically Google+ for Business differs from Google+ in that it really is made for business, for promoting products, business etc.

It has got very similar capabilities to Google+ in that you can share views, photos and so forth, and even talk face to face with people, with video chat. We’ve talked about promoting business, products, services, but also it gives you the ability to measure your results as well.

Search+ Your World: that’s basically Google’s way to personalize search engine results. In the past you’ve done a Google search, pretty well everyone will get the same results. So if you’re searching for black cat, and I’m searching for black cat, we would both normally get the same information.

What Google are telling you, in Search+ Your World, is that they are now personalizing your results. So let’s say if you’re doing a search for black cat, you’ll get your own individual results. Some of the results will be the same, but some of them might be pulled from Google+, or from social media sites. So it’s Google’s way to make their search process more attractive to the people using it.

Now if you don’t understand this process and you’re not actually using this you’re going to be in serious difficulty. Because frankly you’re not going to be able to keep up. Because in the past it’s been traditional SEO getting yourself to page one. Now you’ll find that Google might actually populate, put more YouTube videos in the search engine results. So they’ll put results directly from Google+ page. So you might not even see your results on page one. So you need

to know Google+, to figure out how to get your results even with this new

Google Search+ Your World product out.

The other thing Google Search+ does is profiles in search. I alluded to that previously. Basically it pulls up Google+ profiles right from the search box. It’s putting them right into your search results, which is extremely powerful.

And Google’s emphasis is more on people and pages as well. So suggestions of Google+ accounts you might want to follow even, in your search engine results. So you want to get your account set up correctly, so that your account is an account that Google+ actually recommend when doing those search engine results.

Now let’s talk about a brief history. I won’t bore you too much with it. A history of Google+. Basically it officially started in 2011. That’s when they launched it first as a product. Now back then, and it’s not that long ago, it was invite only. So you needed to know someone on the inside, or someone that had an invite, so that you could get in there. In September 2011 they officially opened it for everyone to use. And incidentally you can go to http://plus.google.com .

Interestingly enough there were some problems with it, early on. Google were pretty strong on banning people, and it seemed to have an anti-business type stance. In actual fact there were a lot of accounts that were set up early on that were actually terminated by Google. They really lost the plot early on.

Sesame Street! That’s a classic example. Sesame Street set up a Google+ account, and Google actually banned their account. So it took them a while to figure out what they were doing. I think what they were trying to do was differentiate between Google+ and Google+ for Business. And as a result, as I said, in November 2011 they launched the Google+ Pages Platform for

business. And you can see the link on the page there:


That’s now very much pro business. In actual fact, they’re saying to create a Google page, you can do it from any page, any product. They’re actually pro- business. And that’s good, because as Internet Marketers we need that pro- business so that we can actually maximize and get the best results we can out of the Google+ platform.

And the other interesting thing, in January 2012 they launched the Google Search+ Your World, which as we talked about earlier is the Google personalization of search engine results.

Now all these things co-relate and link in with each other. And you need to understand all this. Now you might be sitting there right at the moment saying, information overload! Why do I need to bother with this!?

Well, it is very important to think about the reasons why you want to use Google+. There’s lots of reasons why you want to use it. Firstly these days, creating an account for YouTube, now requires a Google+ account. They actually require an account. And more and more Google products are actually requiring that you have a Google account which has an easy upgrade to a Google+ account. And you’re actually getting benefit to actually having a Google+ account.

Google+ “People and Pages” recommendations – they are those recommendations that Google put in the search engine results automatically – these cannot be disabled. So you can turn off some of the features of this personalization of search (which frankly most people won’t turn off, people who aren’t Internet Marketers won’t turn it off) but even if they do actually disable the Google personalization search, these cannot be disabled. Google will still keep showing them.

Let’s face it, Google wants you to use their products, and they own the search engine market, for better or for worse at the moment. And they are going to put the search engine results in that they want. Yes, they’re going to put stuff in that’s very relevant, and information that people want to see. But they can be pushing their own stuff too.

So the point is you need to have a presence in Google+ to make sure that your results are coming up in those search engine results.

And as I said before, each person’s search now is individually customized. This is a huge thing. It’s such a huge change. Yes, Google have started previously over time, in previous years they’ve started introducing, you know, when you were logged into a Google account you could see some of your results, search engine results you’d found in the past. But now it’s so much more comprehensive. It’s just the next step. And it’s a huge thing, and not a lot of people are understanding the difference. It’s just something you need to be aware of basically.

And talking about stats, another thing I noticed is that in October 2011 there were already nearly 40 million Google+ users. And now in February they’re already at 90 million users. So that’s huge growth.

And predictions (and they are predictions – there’s obviously no way at the moment to know for sure how far this is going to go): 400 million is the projection for the next 12 months.

In any event, no matter which way you stack the numbers, that’s a huge number of people. And who knows where it is going to end up? You need to be part of it, essentially.

The other thing, and one of the most important things to consider here is: This is Google! Do you think they’re going to eat their own dog food? In other words, what are they going to promote first? If they had a choice between showing Facebook, or Twitter, or Google+ information in the search engine results, which one are they going to show first? Yes, I guess the “Google high and mighty demigods” will say, well, whatever’s the most relevant.

And I guess, yes, to a degree they will do that. But given a choice, they’re going to show you their own stuff first. They’re going to show you their own services first. We’ve got proof of that already. If you look back to YouTube, three or four years ago it was rare to see a YouTube video when you did a search in Google. Now there’s a YouTube video in almost every search engine result.

The same thing is going to happen to Google+ over time. So the more you can nail this down, become part of it, get your profiles set up and start attracting followers and stuff, the better it is going to rank for you, and your results are going to be appearing in other people’s personalized search results.

Again, this is Google. They want to show Google+ to the world. They want to promote it hard. And you need to be part of it.

The other thing to keep in mind is that up until recently the big names who were not really using it, for example Lady Gaga, the White House; and yes, even Tim and Anthony, those two famous Australians (!) are now using it. So lots of people are coming over to it.

In fact one of the things you’ll find when you first set up a Google+ account, Google will give you a list of important or famous people that you can follow. Because they want you to get a bit of exposure to … you know, get the word out.

So more and more people are using this. And it makes sense, because anyone who is using the Internet to get traffic, to get followers, to get their message out, they are going to pick avenues. And they’ve got lots of users, and of course, Google+ has already got a lot of users, as I showed on a previous slide.

The other thing we found which was quite interesting is that users tend to engage more than in Facebook or Twitter. We’re not sure how you’ve gone in the past with Facebook and Twitter, but we’ve found with Google+ the engagement rate – maybe because it’s new, but it might also be the quality people who are there, but they are more likely to click on the +1 button, the equivalent of your Like button; or apply, put a comment on one of your posts etc.

So there’s more engagement there. And of course, more engagement to an Internet Marketer generally means more sales, more people seeing your messages and taking action, which of course is very good.

So WIIFM, What’s In It For Me? Essentially we’ve talked about some of the benefits in the past, but to summarize what they are: Some “loving” from Google in the shape of more traffic, more money. Of course if you are doing well in Google+ you’re getting your stuff to appear in the search engine results, you’re getting more traffic, and ultimately, assuming that you’ve got a good monetization strategy on your page that you’re directing them to, you’re going to be making more money. So it’s basic: more traffic, more money, which again is what we’re after, as Internet Marketers.

The other point I want to make briefly here is right at the moment it’s “open day”. Some of those people who don’t know – when Google first started, late

1990’s, early 2000, there was a period of time when it was very easy to gain Google. Now I’m not suggesting that you should ever do that, anything blackhat, or anything like that. We’re not going into that particular conversation. The point was that it wasn’t particularly difficult to get search engine results on page one.

Now that seems to be the case with Google+ right now, which is one of the reasons we’re so excited by it. Because it’s so new, Google so much want to get their results in the search engines in front of people. Because the more people that will see Google+ in the search engine results, they’ll click and they’ll join their network; and again that’s more people for them.

From Google’s point of view, the more people they have as part of their network, the more ads they can serve up to these people, and the more money they can make. So we’re piggy backing on the success of Google. So we’re going to be making more money as a result of doing what they’re doing, attracting more people.

So right now it seems very easy to get those results, those really great listings. And again, if you’re on the fence about this, now is the time to really be pushing this and getting in there and understanding Google+ and getting the most out of it.

The more people you can add to your Circles the better. Again Circles are categories of people, which we talked about before.

Again, to summarize, it’s “Wild West’ days right now in the search engine. No plugs. Google are continually plugging in, fixing up problems with their search engines not showing the right results and so forth. Now is the time to get into Google+ and get the most out of it, so you can actually benefit.

One interesting point is that Google is actually giving preference to results in Google+. So if you know how to do it you can get your results showing immediately on page 1. We’re going to do show you that in this course. We’re going to show you how easy it is to get your results.

So if you’ve got people following you, and you put in a particular topic, let’s say “web traffic” for want of a better example. If people then type in web traffic in their search engine, and they’re following your Google+, they will see your posts on page 1. That’s how exciting it is. And we’re going to show you that later on in the course, how to do that.

But in general the preferences that Google are giving: they want you to see their dog food, so to speak. They want you to see their stuff first before Facebook or Twitter or any other account. So they are pushing it down people’s throats at the moment. So as Internet Marketers we need to take advantage of that and get our stuff into Google+, so that our results are in front of people as well.

Our evidence shows that posting and engaging in Google+ can dramatically help your organic results – which coupled with the Google Authorship Program, which we’re going to talk more about in later videos, is going to give you another fantastic avenue to get great page one results, and get your listings to really shine, which is fantastic.

Yes, just using Google+ can dramatically help your organic rankings.

And I haven’t gone into detail about the Google Authorship Program because this video is already turning into an epic. But we will be covering it in other videos. This is a way to get your image to show up, and a link straight to your Google+ profile, in all your organic search engine results for your web site. Now if that is not exciting, I don’t know what is! Cop that Facebook!

One other point I want to make about Facebook before we finish off and talk about what’s going to be in the next video, think about these two things.

If you’re still struggling thinking about Google+ and wondering how relevant it is for you: Do you ever go into Facebook and do a search for something like “ice hockey results”? Facebook is not used for that, is it. Traditionally you go into Facebook to connect with people.

But of course with a search engine you go in there to search for things like ice hockey and so forth.

So the point I’m making is that it is a lot easier for search engines, who have got a lion’s share of the search engine market, of the worldwide market for search that Google has now, to build a social media network and integrate it into the search engine. Facebook has to come at it from the other way. Yes, Facebook has got far more users, there’s no question there, than Google+ does at the moment. But in terms of coming up in the future, you know, Facebook isn’t a search engine.

This is the point I want to make to people. Really it’s very under utilized. Mainly because it’s very new with Google+. Now is the time to really get up to speed with Google+ and apply it in your business.

OK, that’s a bit of a summary of where we are with Google+ and the course. And some of the reasons why you should be using it.

Now we’re going to talk about what we’re going to cover in the next video.

We’re going to show you how to set up your account profile properly. And we’re going to discuss the business page setup preparation. We’re going to do that one in another video because it’s quite a process and we don’t want to put too much in the one video, otherwise it’s going to be quite an epic.

We’re going to discuss the use of real name & personas. Because there are differences. If you’re an Internet Marketer you’ve probably heard about or used personas in the past. We’re going to give you the dos and donts of that.

We’re going to talk about niches. The what NOT to do are very important. Google have got some very clear rules on Google+ of what they like to see on profiles, and what they don’t like to see.

And also talk about how to set it up so that you can get the maximum results. For example if you’re putting specific keywords in specific spots in your profile, you’ll get better results. So it’s very important to do that, and we’re going to outline that in the next video.

We’re going to talk about linking to other social media sites, because if you’ve been an Internet Marketer for any period of time you’ve probably got a Facebook account, or you’ve got a Facebook page for your product, or if you’re using Twitter etc. We’ll show you how to connect to those other sites, and connect back to your main page as well.

And we’ll talk about settings and notifications, which are something you can do to get the most out of Google+. It’s usually only a “set and forget”. You do it once and you never have to do it again. But we’ll talk about that as well.

Basically at the end of the next video you’ll have the knowledge you need to go about and go and setup your Google+ profile.

So there you go! That’s the end of video 1. I hope you’ve actually enjoyed it, and got a lot out of it. And I look forward to seeing you again on Video 2!

Talk to you soon! Cheers for now.

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