Setting Up Your Google+ Account and Profile The Right Way

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Video 2 today, and we’re talking about setting up your Google+ account. We’re going to go through step-by-step and show you how to set your Google+ account and profile correctly so that you can take advantage of all the features of Google+. So, let’s get into it!

OK, so the goal of the video is by the end of this you will know how to set up your Google+ account the “right” way. Because of course, like most things, there’s a right way and a wrong way, and we want to teach you the right way.

So basically the video is going to cover walking you through, if you will, step- by-step, how to actually set up your account. It’s not particularly complex, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

And the other thing we are going to talk about is upgrading. Because by default, in the past, the standard Google account was needed to be upgraded before it could be used with Google+. That may or may not happen for you, because I think with the recent updates to Google+ they are now actually automatically creating Google+ accounts, negating the need for you to do an upgrade. But we will talk more about that anyway, as well.

And the other thing to point out is ultimately I know probably you’ll be very interested in using the Google+ for Business page. You need to have a Google+ personal account first before you can have a Google+ for Business page. So that’s why we’re doing it in this order.

So some important information. Google really only want you to have one Google+ account. They don’t particularly like the idea of personas. Now with your Google+ for Business pages, that’s different. They are quite happy for you to have basically one page per product. So if you have got 10 products, or maybe 20 products – whatever it is, they’re quite happy for you to have multiple pages.

That said, even though Google only like you to have one Google+ account, which is your personal account, we think it is a good idea, and we actually recommend, you have a separate persona for each niche that you’re involved in.

So if you’ve got ten web sites, for ten niches, we suggest you have a separate persona for each. Even though Google+ does give you the ability to set up Circles, which are effectively categories, groups of people, and you can send messages to just those groups of people, we find that mainly from a public profile point of view, the information that you want to send out, you want to make public so the search engines can find it, index and so forth, and you don’t really want to get too tricky and mixing up multiple niches in that one Google+ profile.

So for that reason what we recommend we do is have a real account, your own account. You should be having that so you can then test your things and follow other Internet Marketers. Follow obviously us and our page, the Google Plus Conspiracy Code.

But also have a persona for each of your niches. So if you’ve got several other niches, one for each.

The other thing we’re going to talk about, is I mentioned this a little bit earlier, upgrading your Google account to Google+, and the ins and outs of how to go about setting up your profile.

So there’s opportunities there to put links. We’re going to talk about some keywords and so forth as well, because it’s important that as Internet Marketers we want to make sure that what we put up doesn’t cross the line. It’s actually good information, good quality content. But it’s not spammy as well. So we don’t want to stuff our keywords in inappropriate places. But we also want it to appear to be real and legitimate to a person as well.

We’re going to talk about how to link to your existing blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. those types of things.

And settings and notifications. Just general settings for Google+ as well is important. Just to give you and overview of how to set these things up. Most of the settings and notifications you only ever have to do this once, more than likely. But it’s good to go through that, and we’ll go through that as well.

So we’ll get stuck into that now and just go through step-by-step how to set up a Google+ account.

OK, so here we are in a browser. And I’ve gone to just a standard google website. I’m going to go to now.

Now when I do this, this account is a brand new account. You can see that, the user name here is – actually before I can show this to you, this pops up automatically when it’s a new account. Before I talk about that I just want to talk briefly about upgrading. Because what can happen, and what used to happen until recently, is that when you went to create your Google+ account, when you went to it would actually ask you to upgrade it, and you would need to fill in some basic details, your first name and last name etc.

Now what seems to be happening is that Google seems to have made a change very recently so that any time you create the standard Google account, which is like a Gmail account or any other of their standard services, you automatically get upgraded to Google+. And that’s another factor that Google is really trying to push out Google+ to everything.

So anyway, in this particular case, even though this is a brand new account, and this particular account has never been to Google+ before. It hasn’t been to It has been purely set up to show you how to set up a new account. You can see that it has already been added. So it’s actually gone through the first step and added it to Google+.

And now it is asking on screen now, Do you want to find anyone you know on Google+?

Now if you’re creating personas you probably won’t want to be doing this. You’ll probably be wanting to add your people manually or using another method. I’m going to skip this now, but there is an opportunity here to go through on Yahoo or Hotmail and import people, and connect to them, if you need to. But I won’t do that now. I’m going to skip that.

And Google is just coming up there now, just notifying you that it’s going to be better with friends anyway. But we are going to add some more people further on. So we’re going to “continue”. (Now the “connect to site” bit you just saw, we’re also going to do that a bit later.)

OK. There’s some suggestions there. There are other things you can do here. One of the first things I suggest you do is type in my name, Tim Buchalka, click on the search button, and add me to Circles.

Now what you can do with these Circles, Circles are categories. Now the thing to remember with these Circles is that by [by the way this second one here, you won’t see that when it comes time to be doing that. This is just a test second account that I created. The one that is correct is the one with the profile that we’ll be adding]. But a Circle: think of that as a category. You can categories all your contacts into different names. Now the particular contact won’t have any idea that you’ve assigned them to a particular category. This is purely for you as an internal representation for you.

You can click for example on “Create new circle”. And I can type in, maybe, Internet Marketing. And you can have a list of all the people you’re following that are into Internet Marketing. So I click on Create. OK. Now because that’s the first one I’ve created it’s automatically added me to that now, as it’s telling me here with “What happens when you add someone to a Circle”. We’ll talk more about the Circles later.

Click on OK, got it. And you can see now that’s changed to a green box saying that Tim Buchalka is now in Internet Marketing.

So likewise, that’s now added me, and you’ll be able to see posts that I make automatically in your stream. That’s like your news feed. Stream is the Google+ term for that.

The other thing I suggest you do is type in Google Plus Conspiracy Code. Search for that. Sorry, GPlus I should say. You can’t use the word Google Plus.

So you go there to GPlus Conspiracy Code. Now this is a page, but the same thing applies. When you go there, click on Follow. And when you do that you’ve got the opportunity to Change the circle.

By default it adds it to Following circle, which is the default circle that’s been created by Google+. You can click on Change circle if you wanted to and you can say, I want to put that in Internet Marketing, and you can click that if you want to take it out of the Following, if you want to do it that way.

It doesn’t really matter. But you can see that’s already been added.

So you can see we’ve added two people already. Or one, myself, and also I added the GPlus Conspiracy Code page as well. So let’s continue.

Now the other thing Google+ does when you first log in, it actually gives you a list of people to add. Now when you’re creating personas it’s actually a very good idea to add some of these people because from a footprint point of view, if someone as an Internet Marketer is creating lots of accounts, one thing that wouldn’t normally do is spend any time creating, or sorry, adding any other … they wouldn’t be following anyone else is what I’m trying to say.

So what I suggest you do is do actually add some people. Now the list of people that come up here will be location dependent.

For example in Entertainment, some of the people they’re showing here may not be relevant to you. But for example, Young Talent Time is an Australian show. And on here, “Featured on Google+” Bondi Rescue, well that’s actually an Australian show. And there’s a picture of the Sydney Opera House here. These are all actually relevant to Australians. So you’ll get different things depending on what you’re clicking (and where you are).

So I suggest you add some of these. I’m going to click on these individually if you want, or I can click on the ADD button, which I know is going to add all fourteen. And you can see it’s automatically added a Circle called Featured on Google+.

Likewise, go to the Fun and Interesting one. We’ll click on them, add those as well. And maybe the Music one. Robbie Williams, James Blunt etc.

And I might just add the News one as well.

So there you go. I’ve quickly added a few people there. And you can see now that’s told us we’ve got 41 people so far.

Google will probably ask us and tell us we should probably have 100. But we’ll worry about that a bit later. Click on Continue.

Next we come to your profile. Now I do suggest you fill out this profile. Now obviously if this is your persona, you’ll have information that is relevant to that persona. The other thing to mention here is you can change the level of security. So whether everyone sees this information, or whether only people in certain circles, or people closely connected to you, whatever. I generally try and keep the information here as public information that anyone has got access to.

So in this case I’m just going to make up information here. My School, I finished that in 1990. I wish!

My work, my job, I am the boss.

Normally you would fill this out with better information, relevant to your persona. People can see this, so you want to make sure it’s relevant.

Change profile photo. You do want to upload a profile photo. I suggest you do that. You’ve got various options there. You can click on Web camera, Photos of you, Your photos, or you can upload one. I’m not going to do that now, but I do suggest you add a profile photo. It’s very important. It doesn’t have to be a real life photo. You can use a cartoon picture, or an image, something that actually goes with that person.

I normally upload a photo. You saw that in my image, in my profile, when you added me, you saw me, my face come up. So that’s my real image. So for your real account I suggest you do that, and for you personas: you should always have something in here.

Google lets you do a bit of cropping when you choose a photo. I’m not going to do that now anyway.

Click on Finish. That’s the first stage finished.

You can see what happens now. We’ve got to the next stage. And we’ve got things happening here. I’m just scrolling down having a look. You can see the stream is the equivalent to News Feed in Facebook. The stream is showing stuff that people are posting. These people are the ones that we added automatically.

You could do a search. I mentioned before I was going to show you mine. You can see that image again. I’ll just click on to my page. Notice the image there on the left hand side? That’s important as well. And there are some of my posts as well, some of the things that I’ve posted on in the past. And you can see other people have engaged and put some answers in, etc.

So that’s just an idea of what my stream is. That’s how you check a particular person’s stream. If you click on Home, then you get everyone.

The other thing down here you will be able to do with your stream is break this down into categories. If you’ve got people assigned into different categories you can click on the name, for example Internet Marketing. So in this case, you’ll only get the Internet Marketing information.

Now, you can see here, it’s just telling us for the first time, we can change this to “show most things from this stream”. So if you want your Internet Marketing to be the primary thing, you can scroll that up to show more of that and less of the other thing. Probably a good idea to do that for your persona accounts because you don’t want to see all the other ones you added just for the sake of it.

So you can see there, that was just a quick way to only include people from that particular stream.

Or if you just click on the Home button, that will be everything, by default, and you will get everything back again.

Alright, let’s have a talk now about photos. I do suggest you add some photos. Photos are a good way just to make your account be more realistic. In terms of photos it could be more images of that particular persona. It could be more pictures of me, if that was my account. It could be anything. The fact that you’re actually taking a bit of time to really fill out a profile tells Google you’re a real person. So I suggest you do that.

You have various options here. You can Click on photos from your circles. Which gives you a list. You could actually put in my photo. These are all the photos that have been found so far in your circles of people you have circled. Remember you’ve only got a small number there. Photos from your phone, photos of you, photos from your posts, and of course you can upload photos as well.

I suggest you do that. Now that’s separate from your profile photo which we talked about earlier. These are additional photos. They will actually appear on what Google calls your Scrapbook. So I suggest you do that.

We’ll just continue now and get into profile. Now what we want to do here is we actually want to change some information. At the moment we haven’t posted anything, because we’re brand new. We want to go into About, and then we want to click on Edit my profile. You can see some of the basic information I’ve put in there. I’ve put in Australia, my school, and my job, we’ve entered those. Male. Profile visible in search: this one here is very important. Profile discovery should always be set to ‘visible in search’. Because we want Google (or any

search engine) to find our information. We don’t want to hide it, because obviously we’re using this to try and rank better in the search engines.

I’m going to click over here: Edit Profile.

Again you’ve got the opportunity of adding more photos. Again I suggest you do want to do that.

You can see here, there’s an Introduction, Bragging Rights, Occupation, Employment, Education and other fields to fill out. I suggest you do fill those out. I’m going to key in a little bit now. We go to Information first.

The Information is a bit different to the others in that you’ve got the opportunity to put a link in here. So I do suggest you link to something here. So if it’s a persona it would be the main product page that you’re promoting. So let’s say for example we were promoting the Web Traffic Genius, and this is the persona – the seller of the page – we might say something like Hi, My name is Ima GplusUser and I created the web traffic genius. Now web traffic genius – we’re going to pretend those are the keywords we’re trying to rank for.

Now what we would do is highlight that: web traffic genius; click on link, where we have the opportunity to type the link: And you can test the link to make sure it’s going to work. Yes, that works. Close that down. Click on OK.

You can see there it’s now added the link. But you wouldn’t finish there. You would type in a bit more and make it real. Eg: “I have been in the internet marketing game for 5 years and have been a programmer for 10 years.” And you could add another link in there, but don’t spam it with keywords or spam it too much with links, or it’s going to be very clear to Google that you’re an Internet Marketer and not a person.

Now this here: I talked before about security; about permissions. This is an area where we can select who is going to see this information. Now in nearly all instances we are going to select Public. Because if you don’t select Public, and select, for example, Your circles, that would mean only the people in your circles would have the option to see this. And we want the search engines to see this, we want to be ranked. So we want this content to be public.

So I suggest everything that you create, that you add to your profile, is public information. You can go make it Extended circles (which are basically equivalent to ‘Friends of friends’, like in Facebook where you have Friends, then Friend of a Friend, somebody that friends know; well Circles and Extended Circles work in the same way). But I would suggest you click on Public, and you select that for almost everything you’re doing.

Bragging rights, this will be another opportunity. There’s no option of putting links in here. And again you’ve got the option to make this Public. But you could also use this opportunity for ranking web traffic. If web traffic was another keyword you were looking to rank for, for example: “Web traffic is my forte and internet marketing is my game.”. Click on Save. And again I have left that on Public.

Occupation – same deal there. “Software developer with my most notable achievement being the creation of the web traffic genius.

Click on Save.

Employment and Education I filled out before.

Places lived. Probably a good idea to change that to something realistic. For example, Adelaide, for argument’s sake. Save. And you can add multiple locations as well. Just to establish that you’re a real person.

The only exception to the public rule is here. What I suggest you do for phone is I do suggest where possible you consider putting one in; but change it so that you don’t use your Public one.

You can change it to Only you for example. So basically the reason you would be doing this is to show Google that you’re a real person, but you don’t want other people to see this in your account. Again most spammers, people not using this the way Google+ want you to use it, or Google want you to use it, would probably not even enter a phone number here. So do consider doing that. I’m going to leave it blank for now. But it is certainly an option.

And Relationships. Quite a few options there. Again, I do suggest you fill that out, and make sure that if you’re creating a persona that it is consistent with what your persona is! Because people do actually read these profiles.

Married name.

And we talked about “Profile visible in search” before.

Now in terms of that, we’ve actually done everything in that section.

The other area here which we want to do is; we added one link here, if you remember, the web traffic genius (in Information).

Other profiles; What pages are about you? This is a good opportunity to key in another page. Let’s click on that. This is also where we set up our managed connected accounts. Now connected accounts are what we talked about earlier in the video, and that was about setting up Twitter accounts, etc. So we’ll click on that, for example Twitter, down here. You need to type in a twitter username. Now if you get it wrong, if I put it like that “tim buchalka” I’ll probably get an error. I click on Add and you can see there: “Spaces detected.

Please be sure you are entering an account profile or URL.” You can paste in a

URL or the account name.

I’m going to key in without a space timbuchalka, because that happens to be my twitter id. And you can see there it has found it. Click on that link if you wanted to, and you could see that’s gone to my twitter account. And you can see that it has. You can see that’s me. Click on Back again.

[Because I didn’t save that, I need to do that again… Repeats the action… finds that: ] You can see there it did actually save, but it didn’t show it on the screen. You can call that a Google+ bug. It’s been added.

Now the other thing here is, click on this button. The reason we want to click on “Show on my public Google Profile” is of course, that is a back link. And it’s a back link to your page. So it’s very important to do that.

And likewise with Facebook, and others. You have got a multitude of options here. You can select whatever you want to do there in these various accounts and automatically add to it.

Now these are the ones that Google give you as a default. You have still got other options here. And they are virtually any other account. So for example I could go back here now to “Add custom link”. And I can enter the custom text, what I want to show in the link text – eg “Google Plus Conspiracy Code” and type in the link: “”. The other options again, Public is what we want. Click on Save.

You can see there now we’ve got Google Plus Conspiracy. And again if we go back to Other profiles, Manage connected accounts, we still have got the timbuchalka, and that will show separately in the public profile.

I’ll just make sure it saved it. Yes, it does save each time you come in here. So you see that little thing here, when I clicked it there, Save. So it has actually saved that. So that will appear on the public profile page, which of course is what we want.

You can add your other links here and I do suggest you do. Again, don’t add too many links here. We don’t want to be spammy. Save it.

Contributor… I mean these pretty well work the same as with the Other profiles. What I normally do with Contributor, if I’m actually blogging for argument’s sake, I would put in the link there, with a URL to a particular blog that I was blogging on. Because I was contributing to that web site, as opposed to Other profiles which you are connecting to. I don’t find it really matters too much, but to be consistent it’s probably a good idea to do those in the right way.

Now, what pages interest you. Now I do suggest you fill that out as well and add some links to stuff that isn’t your content. So it could be a wikipedia link, it could be something not related to internet marketing at all. Something that you are interested in, or that your persona might be interested in. That again establishes your account as a real person, and not something which is… a persona effectively! Which of course is what we don’t want to Google to see this account as being a persona.

So that’s really the lowdown on what the profile is. We’ve probably gone through most of what you need to know. There’s a couple of other bits here we could talk about. I’ll click on Done editing first, to save the changes.

Now Photos, we’ve done that before, I won’t do that again.

Videos: this is your opportunity to upload videos if you want to do that. You can add them. There are various options. We’ll go through that in another video, because this one is more for setup.

And +1’s – this is equivalent to a Facebook Like. These are the things you’ve done around the web. And I do suggest once you’ve set the account up you do use these +1’s because that again establishes you as a real person, who is actually on the Internet and sharing content. Again there’s nothing here at the moment, because this account is brand new.

Now OK, so that’s the profile, the basics. You’ve got this other thing here, the Circles.

Now this is the area where you can click on Your circles. Remember we added about 40 people, and then the other two people were myself and the Google Plus Conspiracy Code. You’ve also got the option down here to see who have you in their circles. These are the people are following you. At the moment obviously that’s zero because we haven’t had anyone follow us yet.

So this is what you can do here. You can Create new categories, you can Find people, you can click different buttons and so forth to put them into different categories. I don’t use this screen very much. The only reason I might go in there is to perhaps find some people. It gives you another way to find people.

But you can also use this box up here at the top. For example Internet Marketing. We could just type in a term: your keyword term for your niche. You can then find other people. But we are going to talk more about how to find people in another video. We won’t go through that now, because this is just a setup process.

The other tab up here, the other options, is Games. We’re not going to talk about now. But you can play games if that’s your thing and you want to do it.

OK, the last area now is the profile setup. And to get to the profile setup. To get to the profile setup you go up here to the top right hand corner. Click on Google+. Oops, Profile I should say. Ah, third time lucky: Account settings.

OK Account overview. You’ve got the main one here: Google+. I’m not going to go through the general profile settings. These are the Google+ ones.

Now the ones I want to talk about: remember we talked before in the video about settings and notifications. Notifications are events, if you will, when something happens. For example if someone comments on your post, or if someone clicks +1, you can decide firstly which event, which type of events give you notifications – in other words you get notified. And secondly – well, that’s really the main thing that you get to choose. There’s no secondly. You can choose whether to have that or not.

Now the option here is you can have Anyone. I normally set it to Anyone, because the notification effectively, even though it says “Who can send you…” – under here, or anyone – basically it’s Google who are sending you those notifications. So if you have a setup on your account and I come along and I comment on one of your posts, Google will send you an email or an sms, depending on how you’ve set up your notifications, to say that I’ve done that. I’ve clicked on +1, or there has been some sort of engagement. So that’s what we do here. I normally set that to Anyone.

And, Who can comment on your public posts? Now by default that is Anyone. You need to remember that by default that’s set to Anyone, and if that’s set to Anyone, potentially there’s a spam issue there. So you need to make sure that you’re looking at your posts.

I actually make a point of leaving it on Anyone anyway. Because you do want people to actually comment. But if that’s the case you need to have a process, where you are actually checking your posts for spam, and removing it.

We are going to talk about spam in a future video, because Google have actually added some better capabilities for spam now. You can actually drop people and so forth. In the past it was a lot harder to do that.

Notification delivery: you’ve obviously got email. That’s where the notification is going to go.

You can also add a phone number. And if you add the phone number you can get notifications by SMS. I’m just going to leave that on email for now.

Weekly updates: I suggest you do that. Just gives you a bit of an overview. The thing is, with this content, once you’ve followed a lot of people, if you’re following a lot of people in your niche, you’re going to be finding that they distribute a lot of content that may be relevant to people following you. So it’s a good idea to get those weekly updates. Because you might find something in there that you missed in your day-to-day processing. Because of course your stream is constantly updated, every day, and every time someone posts. The weekly update just gives you the top content, which you can then look at re- sharing. And we’ll talk more about sharing in a future video. But it’s just a great way to add content to your list. Because obviously… – when I say your list, I am talking about the people who are following you on Google+.

The thing to remember with Google+ is that it’s not all about selling. In actual fact if that is all you try and do, you will get very little out of Google+. We are doing a number of things here. We are trying to get people to follow us, by putting out good content; we’re trying to use this for rankings, to get better rankings in the search engines; and we’re trying to get more web traffic. They’re the three primary reasons we’re doing that.

Selling is probably number 4, even though that’s the end result. That’s probably the net result from doing those other 3 things that I’ve talked about, we’ll actually get more sales as a result. So you probably won’t be doing a lot of selling from Google+. But we’ll get a lot of other things: sending out good content, putting up posts that have got good keywords in it to help you rank better, linking certainly to some of your other promotions. But you won’t be doing, in here, hard selling, or anything like that at all.

Again, this weekly update gives you some top content. Hopefully if you’ve done your homework and you’ve added people relevant to your niche, then you can start sharing your content.

And obviously a good type of content as well would be something you have to vet, to make sure it’s relevant. If it’s a competitor and the content is a link to his sales page – probably you wouldn’t want to share that! But if it is a decent article and you’ll find there’s no obvious signs of selling (and you’ll find in a lot of cases the information on Google+ isn’t of a selling nature) then why not share it with your list. Because they’ll actually get something out of that, and be able to use that information. And it shows that it comes from you, while still preserving the fact that it came from the person that you share it from. But you get a link as well to it. You get a link to their profile, the person you’re sharing it with, which is a win-win. So it’s a good idea to do that.

Now the other thing here is the Posts. You’ve got the opportunity there about when do you want Google+ to notify you?

“Mentions me in a post”, “Shares a post with me directly” again, notifications in your email (or SMS if you set that up).

I’m not going to go through all these other options right now. These are things you can go through later and decide. By default you can see they are virtually all on. Even +1 on non-Google sites. If someone does that, that’s on. You can edit that if you want to, but I would leave that on.

Google+ Pages: Automatically add a Google+ page to my circles if I search for + followed by the page’s name. We’ll talk more about that later. Probably no real advantage to leaving that on Show links to recently played games – well whether that’s on or off, that doesn’t really matter. That’s really just games.

Your circles. When you share posts, photos, profile data and other things with “Your circles” you’re sharing with all of your circles, except the ones you’re just following. Now that’s an important thing to remember. If you’re just following someone nothing that you share will be seen by them, effectively. You can customize that and change that if you want. Options there: Choose who to include in your circles… so these are all the people you can choose to include. We’re using Public most of the time anyway. So when we share information that is Public, which again we’ll do this process in a future video, Public goes to anyone anywhere. So most of the time, because we’re only setting up one persona per niche, this doesn’t really apply to us. So I just usually leave that as a default.

So back to where we were before. You’ve got some other options here, Photos. I suggest you probably leave those as default.

People whose tags of you are automatically approved to link to your Profile: normally Your circles. That’s automatically approved. If you’re happy for anyone to put a photo and to tag you in anyway you would leave that to Anyone. Click on there to delete it. Click on Add names, circles to make that Public. And that would mean that anyone on the Google+ platform could add a photo and a link to your profile.

Now obviously you could see how that could go crazy if someone wanted to write some really nasty material about you, or supply a terrible photo or something. So you may or may not decide to do that. The default option is Your circles. Probably not a biggie, either way, because it is images. I wouldn’t really worry too much what it is set there.

And you would probably never want to do this, but if you wanted to disable Google+ or delete your entire Google profile here!

Once you’ve done that it actually saves as you’ve done it, and we’re done with! Alright, well this part of the video is now finished. We’ll actually go back and do a bit of a wrap now.

OK, so what we covered today.

We went through the process of creating a brand new Google+ account. Or, effectively that process, the Google process, we showed you to how to customize the Google+ component.

We talked about personas, real names, and niches, and why you should have one Google+ account per persona. And we talked about how technically speaking of course Google only really wanted that one account. And we talked about upgrading your existing Google account to Google+. But in most cases that has now changed because Google have now changed their policy, recently, to make Google+ mandatory. So it does that upgrading to Google+ automatically.

We went through the ins and outs of profile setup, how to link to your existing blog, Facebook account, Twitter etc. We talked about settings and notifications. And we talked a little bit about what not to do, in terms of not keyword stuffing and link spamming, and really trying to make yourself come across as a real person, which of course is the goal in any web site. We want to make sure we’re not an automated bot, we’re not a spammer. We are in fact a real person.

OK, that’s it for this video.

What’s in the next video? Well, we’re going to talk about how to use a Google+ account. Obviously we’ve set it up. The next step is actually using it. We’ll talk about the stream, which again is the equivalent to the Facebook News feed. We’re going to talk about what that is and how to understand it, how to use it.

How to find content from other people, using feeds from Sparks, which is a feature of Google+.

We’re going to talk more about circles. We showed briefly inn this video about how to set those up, but we’re going to talk more about those, and how they work.

Finding other people in your niche, which again is important, because again we talked about sharing content, and why that would be important.

And how to find directories and add them. Because directories are groups of people, and if you can add yourself to directories you can get a lot of traffic from people who are searching through those directories, who can find you and ultimately follow what you’re doing, which of course is a good way of escalating your traffic.

Alright, that’s it! That’s the end of today’s video. Thank you very much for watching. We’ll be back soon with video 3!

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