Planning and holding effective connection with Google Hangout

Google Hangout is generally used to having fun with friends and colleagues. But at the meantime, it is also important to for businesses and marketers to connect them with their customers in a personal way via face-to-face interaction.

Businesses can use it as part of their sales process by inviting current prospective audience who are in your sales funnel, customer service tool to keep in touch with customers, and internal communication tool for meetings.

Using Google hangout, you can connect with your communities, create video sessions for training, give presentations, share screens, collaborate on Google Drive documents, chat, and much more.

Here are some elements that can improve your Hangout conversations –

  • How to instructions:

To get Hangout attendees on board, you can email them how to instructions several day before of the live session to make sure that the attendees have enough time to set up and get ready with camera, mic and headphones. If the participants don’t have a Google account, ask them to join you by signing up with Google.

  • Meeting Agenda:

Every Hangout should have an agenda to make it successful. Make sure to send the agenda to all the attendees via mail or you can associate it in the Hangout Invitation. Give them a clear idea about what is going to happen in your hangout to have them on the same page.

  • Minutes of Meeting:

Have a look on your agenda, define how much time it will take and then fix the time for the Google Hangout. If Hangout is not possible to finish within the time, you can continue the Hangout in near future using recap.

If you are doing back to back Hangouts as a marketer or business, you really need to give some time to review the meetings and discussion summaries. Typing in hangout takes minutes, so mute the mic while typing.

  • Action Items:

With Google Hangout, you can do group chat, share information from Google Drive and Goggle Docs, make a call to discuss and revise the shared documents, access of others’ participants device screens and much more to make it successful and informative.

  • Meeting Execution:

To execute the Hangout in an effective way and avoid the technical glitches, login 10-15 minutes before of the live session to ensure that everything is working properly. If you find any issues with the system, restart you system and servers to diminish the chances of trouble throughout the Hangout.

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