Personalizing Google Search Plus Your World (SPYW) Results

Google recently introduced Search Plus Your World which generates search results custom tailored to you based on the Google+ posts, pictures and videos you, and those in your Google+ circles, have created and shared. According to Google it introduced Search Plus Your World (SPYW) in order to give you more personalized and relevant search results. So how does it do that?

SPYW Personalize Search Results

When you’re logged onto Google and you do a search you will receive results which include related Google+ posts, comments, videos, and photos from those in your circles. Let’s say for example, that you’re planning a trip to New York City and you want to experience the best vegetarian restaurants the city has to offer.

If you search for “vegetarian restaurants, New York City” while logged into Google you’re results will include the relevant comments, pictures, and videos posted on Google+ by all those in your Google+ circles. In this way, the search results are a little like standing around chatting with friends about your upcoming trip and wondering aloud about the city’s vegetarian fare. Your friends who have firsthand knowledge of the city and its vegetarian restaurants might make recommendations and share  their experiences with you.

It’s important to note that you’re able to “turn off” the personalized search results simply by clicking the globe icon in the upper right corner of the screen. This allows you to view search results as usual; however if you’re searching for that great video a friend shared or an old post you made then the personalize search results will help you to more quickly find what you’re looking for.

You’re Famous

This is also true of those who have you in their circles. If they do a search while logged into Google and you’ve posted related comments, videos, or photos publically on Google+ (or you’ve shared these items with them on g+) then those posts can show up in their search results. A thumbnail image of the picture you uploaded to your Google+ profile will appear in their search results next to your related Google+ posts. This means that your face may end up all over the Web, or at least all over the search results of those who have you in their Google+ circles.

SPYW – A Big Mistake or Revolutionary Technology

There are mixed feelings about Google’s SPYW among those who watch the changes and advances in technology. Some believe that SPYW is one of Google’s first big mistakes and they note that many people feel pretty frustrated with its impact. Others believe that Google’s new personalize search results are nothing short of revolutionary.

Honestly, I’m not sure whether I believe that SPYW is revolutionary; however I have had some good success with SPYW but there have also been times when I’ve been glad to turn the personalization off. Try it out and decide for yourself. The results are personal so my experience of SPYW is going to be completely different from your experience.

Google’s ultimate goal is larger than simply providing you with personalize search results. In fact, Google is in the process of integrating all of its applications including Calendar, Picasa, YouTube and more in order to help Google+ users organize and access their information across various applications; however at the moment the integration of these applications is still a work in process.

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