More than just a Face-lift – Google+ new user interface is a simpler, more beautiful Google+

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Exploring the new Google+ interface

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Exploring the new Google+ interface transcript

This is a bonus video. We’re going to explore the new Google+ interface.

Yes, Murphy’s Law strikes again! We’ve gone through and set up all these videos showing you how to use Google+, and they change their interface, at the last minute!

But, the good thing about it is, there’s nothing dramatically different. Old functionality hasn’t been deleted, or anything like that. So we can still get the most out of Google+ as we’ve shown you in those existing videos. It’s really more than anything it’s just interface changes. We’re going to go through and explore what they are. And I will show you, login and have a look at the changes. So let’s get into it.

So, yes, as I said, Murphy’s Law strikes again. They did make some changes very recently. But by the end of the video you’re going to have a clear understanding of what those changes are, and we’ll actually show you what they look like.

Basically we’re going to cover the cosmetic changes. Basically all the changes are cosmetic, but there are a few extra things they have added.

We’ll be talking about the fact that the functionality is still the same. But it has just got a sleek new interface. It’s actually nice to use.

But from an SEO point of view, search engine optimization, getting the most out of it from an Internet Marketer’s point of view, not a lot has changed.

So with that said, without further ado, let’s go there now and show you exactly what the changes look like.

OK, so here we are with our new interface, in our Google+ profile for Ima

GplusUser, whom you are probably sick of looking at by now! Let’s just have a look and explore some of the changes.

Now firstly you’ll notice there’s a lot of white space. They’ve really extended the amount of white space there and spaced thing out. I think they’ve probably gone a little bit too far, but the end result is an interface that’s quite pleasing. Easy to read, easy to follow.

So let’s go through and look specifically at some of the options.

So we’ve got options here down the left hand side which have changed. They were at the top before, if you recall, in our other video.

Now the other thing you can do with some of these changes is you can move these. So for example if you don’t use the hangout feature, you can drag that away. You can see how that’s moved onto the page now. And the little ball down the bottom you can see that’s turning in an anticlockwise direction: that’s telling you that if I let go now, it’s putting that into More. So it’s hidden it away in there. You can see I’ve got different icons down there.

Now I’m using the Pages feature all the time. And that’s for managing your pages, and your Google+ for Business pages. I could move that out, and pull that out and put it up here, say, if I was doing that on a regular basis. So probably I could look at doing that. That could be an easier way to find it.

So in terms of functionality though, they are very similar to what they were like before. I click in to there, click on Pages, then go into Take Over Page One, which you saw me set up in another video. Again, it’s very much the same as before. We’ve got the same options and so forth. It’s basically the same as what we had before.

And you’ve got the option here now, to click on Profile. Now that I’ve actually gone into there, if I click on Profile now I’m going see the profile for the Google+ for Business page, in this case for the Take Over Page One site.

And I can edit my profile. You notice up here there’s an option to change my profile picture. It’s just in a more prominent position for you now. But again, in terms of functionality, nothing really has changed.

You’ve still got About, Photos and Videos, which again serve the purposes as they did exactly in the other interface. It just looks a little bit different.

If we go back to Pages, that’s how you go back to your home user account. So if you were in your business page, if you want to get back to your personal profile, you back into pages again, and then click on the user. So we’ll go back to the user now.

That’s really the main change.

The other option over here is to Start a hangout. That’s changed a little bit. The options for hangout have been a little bit more extended. But we’re going to be talking about the hangouts in a separate video anyway. We won’t get too much into it yet here.

Suffice to say, you’ve actually seen – there’s actually another video we’ve got in the membership which talks more about hangouts.

But they’ve extended the capability. They’ve added YouTube streaming to it. So you can start a hangout and do some live YouTube streaming, which is quite nice.

In terms of your breakdown of where you are going to circle people, you’ll notice up here you’ve got All, Friends, Family and More. More is for your other circles. So as you are adding new circles, they actually show up in there. You can probably remember some of these. You may or may not have seen some of the other videos in this product. We’ve actually gone through and we’ve created a bunch of these, and we showed you how to use them. That’s just where you find them now.

In terms of sharing content, that’s all exactly the same. The links, videos and images are all as they were before.

What’s trending is a bit more obvious there. You can see what’s trending. These are the things that people are talking about live. So this will obviously change when you’re looking, in your own Google+ account.

If you go into Profile, you’ll notice that has changed as well. There’s a few things to note here.

These are exactly the same as they were before, but they just look a little bit different.

Your profile, your Change profile photo, is more prominent, where you worked at, attended (school) etc. You’ve still got the option to Edit your profile, as you had before. But again, when you do that, you’ll find that it’s very similar. Slightly different interface, but basically the same as you had before.

You’ve got the option, you can change Contact settings. Click on Done when you’re done editing. But you can change your profile photo from there if you want, as well.

Who’s in your circles, and people who have you in their circles, is the same as it was before. Just looks slightly different.

You’ve now got this new little option here, called Explore. And it’s just meant to be a default page for you to start off with, so you basically know what to do. You could start a video chat. Who to follow helps you if you want to find people It’s just really some more helpful tutorials which aren’t going to affect us as Internet Marketers at the moment. But if that’s something you want to do, you can look at doing it.

We’ve actually discussed this in detail, in terms of following people, and that side of things. How to get people to follow you and so forth. We’ve explored that extensively in previous videos. So we don’t need to go through that there, because nothing has changed with a lot of that functionality.

What’s hot – again there was an option with the old interface to do that. But that’s now available on this Explore tab. You can play some games there, if that’s of interest to you.

As you can see it’s really more about the cosmetic changes. Very little extra functionality. They’ve just made it look a lot more professional. And I for one have to say I quite like the new interface. It would have been nice if they had done it earlier before we created all our videos! But again, Murphy’s Law, and from your point of view, looking at this, I think you’ll agree that nothing has changed, and there’s not a lot of things you need to do.

One main one is how to get back to your pages. And adding images and so forth. But that’s still very similar to what it was before. But once you spend 5 minutes with it you wouldn’t have much of a problem anyway.

Alright, let’s just go back now for a bit of a recap.

OK, so there you go. We discussed looking at the recent new Google+ interface changes and how they affect you, and what you should know about them. There’s not a lot there. It’s really just a matter of looking in different locations

to get access to particular functions. But overall I think Google+ have done a good thing. The interface is nice, and it’s not going to really affect you in either way from an Internet marketing viewpoint, other than just finding where things are. Hopefully this video has given you a solid overview of where to find those things, if you are having trouble finding them.

Alright, well that’s basically the end of this video.

Thanks for very much for watching. We’ll be back with another video soon. Cheers for now

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This is my personal text version with images for the ones that prefer this to the video above. Below you will find another, short video from Google

In its drive to give all its products a common look-and-feel, Google has now given a facelift to its social platform Google+. The new Google+ was introduced yesterday and the new design aims at creating an atmosphere for a ‘seamless social experience’ for the more than 170 million people have upgraded to Google+, .

Before we go into more detail on the additions More than 170 million people have upgraded to Google+, let’s first have a look at the main aspects of the Google+ platform, with its new design. This may be already a good introduction for newbies.:)

Sharing what’s new or on your mind in text format, show the latest photos and videos, or share the latest web pages and links you have found.


Now, when sharing photos you can even have bigger photos and more options and you can also see a thumbnail preview of related photos


Share Pictures with an include thumbnail view of related ones

And it doesn’t stop there, you will also find:

  • Full bleed photos and videos that’ll make you really proud to post
  • An activity drawer that highlights the community around your content
  • A stream of conversation “cards” that make it easier to scan and join discussions


Your Google+ Stream offer more options and opportunities to enter into conversations and see what’s going on, like Trending on Google+, You might like, On the Go and a list of people to chat with.

Google+ Stream: Trending on Google+, You might like, On the Go and a list of people to chat with

Start a Hangout with your friends, or accept other peoples hangouts. You can also chat one-on-one.


Google+ is adding a dedicated Hangouts page that creates even more opportunities to connect in person, including:

  • An always-updated list of invitations from the people in your circles
  • Quick access to every public and On Air hangout, for those times when you want to meet someone new, or watch a live broadcast
  • A rotating billboard of popular hangouts, pro tips and other items you don’t want to miss

Google+ Profile Details

Join the ongoing Google+ conversations in your or other peoples stream. Show that you like things by clicking on the +1 Button (and if you change you mind, simply click again and your +1 will be toggled of again), or re-share it in your stream. You can even start a face-to-face video hang-out directly with the person who created the entry.


Don’t forget to add your photo and tell a little more about yourself in your Profiles


The Google Plus profile is much richer now



Look to the right-hand side and find your friends or add interesting people to your circles


There is even more; for instance: Instead of static icons at the top, there’s a dynamic ribbon of applications on the left. You can drag apps up or down to create the order you want,  hover over certain apps to reveal a set of quick actions or show or hide apps by moving them in and out of “More”.

And the new features go on; there’s a new Explore page that shows what’s interesting and trending across the network. And a new profile with much bigger photos. And a new chat list that puts your friends front and center. Now that you have seen already a part of it in the above documented pictures, lets see it all in action in the Google+ Video

YouTube Preview Image

Get the full course, including videos, MP3s and Transcripts  here

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