What is Google+ and How Does it Compare to Google’s +1 Button?

First of all let’s clarify a common misunderstanding. The Google +1 button should not be confused with Google+, which is Google’s recent initiative and competition to Facebook in the Social Network arena. Similar to Facebook, Google+ offers loads of sha...

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5 Hidden Features Discovered in the Google+ Source Code

Thanks +Matt Mastracci, a Google+ user who has been looking closely at the social network’s source code, we are now able to predict with some evidence whats coming next to Google+. Photos from your posts: Photos from your posts actually is available on your ...

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You can only have 5,000 people in your circles on Google Plus

You can only have 5,000 people in your circles on Google+. You can also only add about 1,000 in a certain amount of time before getting an error message. This isn’t brand new information, but it doesn’t get talked about all that often, at least that I’ve...

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Google+ Grows Over 1200% in One Week

Since Google+ opened up to the public last week it has seen a significant increase in traffic. According to Hitwise, the social network grew 1269 percent after its “open access” announcement. Additionally, the site received almost 15 million total US visi...

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Google+ – Share Your Favorite Circles with Others

You can now share copies of your favorite circles (like Photographers or Celebrities) with others on Google+. See this video from the Google Developer (note: This video is unlisted. Only those with the link can see it) ...

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Google+ soon will unveil profile pages for businesses

GM, Ford in Beta Testing Even as Unofficial Profiles and Squatters Spread Across Platform Google+ soon will unveil profile pages for businesses, a move that will allow marketers to create profile pages and Circles, a Google executive says. So far only Ford and...

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Google+ opens up to public and takes fight to Facebook

(Reuters) – Google Inc (GOOG.O) and Facebook trotted out a variety of new social networking features in back-to-back announcements on Tuesday, underscoring their intensifying competition for Web surfers. Google integrated its flagship search engine into ...

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