Using Google+: Who sees my content, Tagging, Building followers, Google Alerts, Sharing posts, Ripples

This video is continuing from the previous one, where we were actually using Google+. It provides more information to help you get more from Google+. So let’s go through that now. OK, so we’re going to build on what we talked about, and what I show...

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Using Google+ 1: Finding content, saving searches, directories, engaging, sharing, tagging, targeting people of influence

We’re talking about finding content, using what’s hot and saving searches. Searches are a way to, well we will go through that anyway, a way to actually find content that you can actually share with other people. We’re gonna talk about making yourself st...

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Advanced Google+ Tips and Tricks

This one is about some extra Google+ tips and tricks that we haven’t already covered in the previous videos. So let’s go through and give you a bit of an overview. And then we’ll get into the actual presentation. OK, so by the end of the vide...

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Setting Up Your Google+ Account and Profile The Right Way

Video 2 today, and we’re talking about setting up your Google+ account. We’re going to go through step-by-step and show you how to set your Google+ account and profile correctly so that you can take advantage of all the features of Google+. So, let...

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More than just a Face-lift – Google+ new user interface is a simpler, more beautiful Google+

n its drive to give all its products a common look-and-feel, Google has now given a facelift to its social platform Google+. The new Google+ was introduced yesterday and the new design aims at creating an atmosphere for a ‘seamless social experience’ for t...

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Getting Started With Google Plus

Setting up your profile on Google plus (g+) is pretty straightforward, but it does take some thought. This is where people will learn a little about you; what you like, what your hobbies are, and what’s important to you. Take your time with it. Gmail Account...

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Google Plus Keyboard Shortcuts and other Google+ Tips and Tricks

Navneet Kaushal is a very knowledgeable Google+ Author. He recently published a post on Google Plus Keyboard Shortcuts and some time ago some other Google+ Tips and Tricks. I have put them together here for my readers. Keyboard shortcuts to make your browsing ...

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The comprehensive guide to Google Plus

Google started the Google +/+1 project in beta. They originally intended to run experiments with this project with just a handful of interested users. Google was overwhelmed, however, with the high level of interest among business owners and other online users...

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Google+ makes it easier to lock your posts

Google+ users can now lock their posts or disable comments before they share them, courtesy of the latest update to the social network. Both options have been available for awhile. Disabling comments ensures that no one can respond to a post, while locking you...

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