More than just a Face-lift – Google+ new user interface is a simpler, more beautiful Google+

n its drive to give all its products a common look-and-feel, Google has now given a facelift to its social platform Google+. The new Google+ was introduced yesterday and the new design aims at creating an atmosphere for a ‘seamless social experience’ for t...

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Google Plus Keyboard Shortcuts and other Google+ Tips and Tricks

Navneet Kaushal is a very knowledgeable Google+ Author. He recently published a post on Google Plus Keyboard Shortcuts and some time ago some other Google+ Tips and Tricks. I have put them together here for my readers. Keyboard shortcuts to make your browsing ...

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The comprehensive guide to Google Plus

Google started the Google +/+1 project in beta. They originally intended to run experiments with this project with just a handful of interested users. Google was overwhelmed, however, with the high level of interest among business owners and other online users...

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