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This time we are talking about, which is a unique service that we have put together. It’s a service to help you get the most out of your Google+ profile using the software, by using the site. So let’s have a talk about some of the features it has, and how it will help you with your Google+ profile.

OK, so let’s talk about the goal of the video. By the end of the video you’re going to have a solid overview of what the service is, and what it offers you in terms of the advantages over traditional Google+ links, and what it can do to help your profile out.

We’re going to cover a few things. We’re going to cover the explanation of the service. Typical G+ links, what they look like, and the advantage of links and how they are different to the traditional G+ links. And basically we’re going to give you a bit of an overview of what you need to do to setup the service. We’re going to go into that in more detail on the next video where we are going to show you step-by-step how to do it. What we are really going to focus on in this video is the benefits this service is going to bring.

So let’s start with the basics. What’s wrong with Google+ links?

Well, in a nutshell, they’re ugly! And they’re not particularly good for SEO purposes. SEO – search engine optimization.

Here’s an example of a link that’s not particularly nice. Can you imagine quoting someone that link? Any guesses on what that link is? No? No answers? That’s actually a link to my Google+ profile. Now can you imagine putting that on a business card, or giving that out to someone? “Can you just go to oh two seven one four one eight nine, etc.” Very nasty! Almost impossible to remember.

And of course the other thing to remember is there aren’t any keywords in there. And it’s just not a very nice URL.

So that’s what this service set out to do, was to fix up the links so they’re a lot better.

Let’s give you another example. A service – a memorable link. No, I’m not trying to suggest that I look like Johnny Depp! But hey, I have been told I do! (I’m kidding).

Seriously, you can click on that link and what will happen is service will automatically redirect to the one on that previous page, with all the numbers and so forth. So in other words you would be able to quote that URL a lot easier, and it would be far more memorable. And that’s the point I’m trying to make here.

Absolutely a lot more attractive and easier to remember. Ideal for marketing. And you can put this on business cards and so forth. And look, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but if you look on TV these days, lots of TV shows are presenting Facebook and Twitter links, or URLs. Even on business cards. On business cards I receive often I’ll see a reference to Facebook or Twitter. So it’s only a matter of time for Google+.

And what this service is trying to do is make it easier for you so you don’t have to brand it with all these “slash one oh twos” or whatever. Because the thing is Google don’t really offer this as an option at the moment. It’s really quite unattractive, by default, the links they’re offering.

So that’s what we’re trying to do, is simplify this problem, to make it a lot easier for you to quote your Google+ profile.

Not only that though. There’s also Search Engine Optimization advantages to using Google+. For example, before I start talking about what a 301 Redirect is, the fact is, if you’re linking to content, creating back links and so forth, chances are that’s going to help that content to rank better. And there’s nothing stopping you from linking to your posts, to get that to rank better. And wouldn’t it be nice to use a service like Google+ where you can redirect and pass on keywords in those URL’s to make it a lot easier, and a lot more powerful. And of course it’s helping Google decide what that particular post is about. So ultimately it’s going to rank better for that keyword. So that’s the Search Engine Optimization reason.

The other reason is look, this is not the first service of its kind to try and do redirecting to Google+ profiles. But the thing that I found when I was researching was that all of them keep your page rank. So in other words, by using any of those services, you don’t get any of the search engine optimization, the page rank, the link juice. You don’t get any of that passing onto your site. They keep it all. So a lot of these sites have got page ranks 6 or 7. And that’s because everyone who is registering, everyone who is linking to them, to that profile, sending that profile out to other people, the profile that they registered for the redirection service (service similar to Then all the page rank is staying at that site. So in other words, these greedy site owners aren’t passing it on to you.

What we’ve done with, and currently, at the time of this video, there’s no other service that does this, we’re passing on the full page direct, using 301 redirects. This is a search engine optimization term for “don’t preserve any of the page rank. Just pass it straight on.”

So in other words, any time you’re using the service as the link, that link is going straight through to your profile, and it’s passing on that page rank! So consequently, over time, as you keep doing this, and as your post gets out there, your URL gets out there, and you’re putting it out on other sites, and promoting it, your profile is going to rank even better in the search engines. And of course all your profile, all your posts in Google+ are attached to that profile. So what that means is that all your posts are going to actually rank better in the search engines. So this is a great way to get more page rank to your Google+ profile, which ultimately is going to mean all those posts in that Google+ are going to rank better, and of course that has got the flow-on effect of helping you rank those posts better in the search engines. But also that the Google Search Plus Your World, using that as well, you’re going to find that your posts in Google+ are going to show better for other people as a result. Because you’ve got a more authoritative site, more authoritative profile.

So basically, long story short, is going to help you get your G+ profile to rank better. And it actually passes on this full page rank, as I said, so that you have got everything you need to try and get the most out of this Google+ service.

And again, no other service offers that at the moment. It’s a fantastic service, I think. And I know that we actually created it. But I think the Google+ redirection service really needed someone to come out and make a stand and say, look, we’re going to pass on the link juice to the users. And that’s what we’ve done here.

And as I said before, you can now use that page rank that you’re going to get with these profiles, and you’ll be able to pass that directly on to your Google+ profile, which is fantastic. That’s the aim of the exercise.

So. Memorable links. Short, easy to remember urls are the key. The service enables you to choose any keywords you want. For example, I used the example on the previous page of But let’s just say you had a profile about dog training. Nothing preventing you from naming it or DogWhisperer, or DogTrainingGuru. And that’s passing on the keywords. The keyword is passing on, if using anchor text with the keyword, that’s going to help that profile to rank better and help Google understand and confirm what that profile is about. In this case for example it’s dog training.

So you can see here it’s a far more memorable service, yes. So it’s easier to quote to people. You just go to But also from a search engine optimization perspective it’s very, very easy to setup as well.

Now in terms of actually using the service, it’s very easy.

What we’ve done is create a second video, after this one, that is going to go through and show you how easy it is to setup. And look, it’s quite easy to setup. It’s a few minutes and its ready to start using that. I’m going to do that in the next video.

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