Automatic Facebook and Twitter Status Updates with Google+

If you’re using Google+ in tandem with other services such as Facebook and Twitter, you can sync your accounts quickly and easily, allowing your Google+ updates to appear on Facebook and Twitter. This allows more efficient use of your time, because you can update multiple sources from a single location.

To update your Twitter account, you’ll need to download the Chrome web browser at Then download the Google+ extension called SGPlus. This will allow you to share your Google+ updates on Twitter. Download and activate the extension and log into your Google+ account. Then click the “Share” button at the top right of your Google+ profile page. This will enable sharing.

Next time you post on Google+, you will notice two additional buttons below your post. The plugin will allow you to share every post you make on Twitter.

If you’d also like to share your updates with your Facebook account automatically, you’ll need to obtain your Facebook mobile address. Log into your Facebook account and then visit Once you get your Facebook mobile address, copy it and go to Google+.

Click “Create New Circle” and call it something like “FB Updates”. This will make it easier for you to remember what the circle is for later. Past your Facebook mobile address into the email address location as a contact and name the contact something like “Facebook Update”. Choose “Add 1 person to this circle” and save.

Whenever you want to post one of your Google+ updates to your Facebook, select the “FB Updates” circle as the recipient as one of the circles that receives it and it will automatically send the update to Facebook as well.

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