Advanced Google+ Tips and Tricks

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This one is about some extra Google+ tips and tricks that we haven’t already covered in the previous videos.

So let’s go through and give you a bit of an overview. And then we’ll get into the actual presentation.

OK, so by the end of the video you’re going to be have a bit more of a solid overview of some of the other Google+ tips and tricks that we haven’t previously covered. We’re going to go through things in a little bit more detail where appropriate, and just go through some of the other things we just physically ran out of time in the last videos.

We’re going to start with a few things. We’re going to talk about editing, deleting, disabling and locking posts.

We’re going to talk about editing comments. What notifications look like. We’ve talked about those in previous videos but I want to show you how they come up on the screen.

Other things we’re going to cover are hiding people in your circles, if you don’t want to actually show how many people are in your circles, or how many people have you in their circles. We’re going to show you how to disable that.

We’ll talk about how to block people as well. So if people are spamming you, or for whatever reason you just decide you don’t want them to be following you, or you don’t want to see what they’re posting, because actually you can’t actually block them. I’m going to talk about how to do that as well.

Alright, so let’s get into the actual demonstration side of things now.

OK, so here we are, in Google+ again. Test user: Ima GplusUser. Now what I

wanted to talk about firstly…

I have shown you this before but I didn’t go through it in any detail. I want to quickly show you how to do a few things here. For example, Edit this post. This is something you can’t do in Facebook and Twitter. Normally once you put something out in the wild, in Facebook and Twitter, it is there. You can delete it (in the case of Facebook). You can also delete your Twitter posts, after you have made them. But you can’t edit, in either case. In this case here, you can edit it. It’s quite easy, which is fantastic. It’s a great way of changing it. If you have made a typo or whatever, it’s not going to be a typo forever. You can easily edit those changes, at any time. Which is very very powerful.

You can also delete. I obviously won’t do that now because we’re going to be using this, shortly.

We talked before about linking to a post, where you copy a link and you can get people to go straight to this post. A good way of linking from a blog or so forth if you have something of interest to link to.

Disable comments is good. If you want to stop people from commenting. If for whatever reason you’ve got something you where you don’t want any more comments, or you don’t want any comments at all, you can do that.

Locking this post I suggest probably is never going to be useful to you, because it prevents people from sharing it. So, you wouldn’t ordinarily want to stop people from sharing it because as an Internet Marketer we want this to be shared and to as widely as possible. But it is there if you ever decide you need it.

Alright, so that’s a couple of things. And yes, you can also edit your comments as well.

The other thing I want to talk about and show you today is notifications. Now one of my staff actually created another Google+ account. And I wanted to show you notifications. So I actually had one of my test accounts post a comment just so you can see what it looks like, to get a comment. So you can see the William Hight user has posted a comment. Up here you see this little red box. That shows you how many notifications you have got. And you’ll get notifications for those various events that were defined in the setup video where we went through.

So if I click on that now you can actually see here… click on… go straight down. And you can see that’s all in a window. We can actually respond to that if we want to. Click on +1 to say we’re happy with it. “Thanks for that”. I can post it. And bang, there you go. We’ve got a response. You can see that’s our original response. And we have also +1 it.

So you can – the point I’m making here, and it’s really quite neat, with notifications is you don’t even have to go to another screen. You noticed another screen didn’t pop up. It was all done on that one screen.

So click on Back to notifications. And I can click on there, and that will highlight it.

And there it is. Our response has automatically been updated.

OK, so that’s how notifications work. And again you will, depending on how you have configured it, actually get an email possibly as well, if you have defined to get an email for that particular event, which in this case was someone commenting.

Now the two other things we wanted to talk about are firstly Circles. We talked about hiding the fact – go into Profiles, go back here and hide the fact that, the number of people we’ve got in our Circles. People who are in our Circles, or people we’re following. All you need to do is Change who is visible here. And you have got an option. If I take the top one off, that’s people who are in my circles. Click save.

And that now says Ima’s Circles (0). You notice that doesn’t actually show anything.

Likewise I can go in here and click on Show people who have added you to circles, and get rid of that. And that is going to disappear. So if you want to do that, if for some reason you don’t want to show people how many people you’re following, or how many people are following you, you can turn that off.

I’m going to leave these back on, because it was only a test anyway.

OK, and just going back to our posts again, back home actually. I wanted to show you, just the last thing, is talk about spam. Because you probably will from time to time get spam from people. Such is the reality of this. Some people will try and put links in and do things they perhaps shouldn’t do.

So you can just go to a post. So let’s just presume that this post, as what it says here this William Hight post: “pretend I am a spammer”. You have got a couple of options there. You can outright delete the comment, if you want. And that will probably serve you from time to time. Or the other option is you can Report abuse or block.

And you can see there, now that I have reported abuse, the comment has been edited out, but I’ve also got an option there: Only you can see this comment. Because that is just letting you know purely for your reference. You’ve also got the option to restore it. Or to remove and block the person altogether. So if you remove it and block it altogether, you’ll see:

What happens if you block William Hight:

  • You will no longer see this person’s content in your stream; that’s if you were following him
  • This person won’t be able to comment on your content.
  • This person will be removed from your circles.
  • This person will still be able to see your public posts.

So basically they will still see your information, which is good, as Internet Marketers. But they will not be able to engage in your posts. And you will not be following them, if you happened to be following them in the past.

So Report and block you can use as well. So say if there’s a user that has been particularly nasty you can do that, or you can just do what I’m going to do now, which is Block.

So that gets rid of the post comment altogether. And for all intents and purposes as far as you’re concerned that person doesn’t exist. But as the post indicated, that little popup window indicated, they can still see your public posts.

OK, so that’s the end of today’s short little video tutorial. We’ll go back to the keynote presentation and just finish off.

OK, before we go through and do a bit of an overview of what this video was about, let’s just talk about a few other things, a few other little tips and tricks to keep in mind with Google+.

Freshness matters. Being fresh, having relevant content, updating content. It’s very important and really does help with your rankings. So make sure you post daily, if possible.

It doesn’t have to be a War and Peace type novel. It can be a nice short little post. You can share something. But the more information you’re sending out on a regular basis, the better it is.

What we’ve shown is accounts with lots of +1’s to their content tend to rank better. So Google tends to use that +1, as well as comment engagement, as a factor in determining how well something will rank. So the more you can get people to engage, the better. This actually comes down to the quality of your content as well. So the better your content is, or the more controversial, or different – getting people to engage seems to be the key.

And also getting influential people to follow you makes a difference to your reach. Your reach is how far your posts go, by sharing with friends of friends. So obviously if someone has got 10,000 people following them, and you get them to add you to their circles, then you’re going to get a better reach when that person is sharing your content, because your content is appearing on their news stream, so to speak. And then it goes through.

And also what has been proven in our testing is your site, your – and I guess it’s no different to think of it as links. Talking about the scenario, and I’ve talked about this in other videos, in other series in the past. And I’m sure you know this. There are different types of links. There are normal links, and back links from authority sites.

And nothing is different here as well. It is the same principle, in that if you are getting influential people, think of those as authoritative people. People with authority. No difference to web sites with authority that are linking to other web sites. In this case the person’s Google+ profile linking to another profile.

So if you can get these influential people who themselves have got a good established presence on Google+ to link to you, to add you to their circles, your account is going to become more of an authority just by that.

So it does make sense, as much as possible, to get people to engage. We’ve shown you in other videos how to do that. Engage with these influential people. As well as everyday people. It’s a good mix. But if you can get these influential people to add you to their circles as well, so much the better.

Now all these factors help you in terms of your Google Search Plus Your World rankings as well. So we’re going to talk about that in a future video. We’re going to show you how what you put in your stream can be directly shown in other people’s search engine results pages when they search you within Google. And this is the sort of stuff that helps get that to rank better, just to get better results basically.

OK. Summary of today. I hope you got a lot out of this video. We shared some powerful tips and tricks that we think have helped lots of people to succeed online, and can actually help you to get the very most out of Google+.

Next up, we’re talking about something that Anthony and I are very excited to not so much announce, because you probably know about it by now. But the service. We’re going to show you how to set that up and how to configure it, and how to get the most out of it.

So, thank you very much for watching.

We’ll be back with another video soon! Cheers for now.

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