4 ways to apply Google Hangout in your business

Google Hangouts is being getting updated regularly with latest features. It is great way of interacting with multiple people at a same time. For business, Google Hangouts can be very effective in having interaction with employees, contractors and investors.

Google Hangouts on air allows you to have video conferencing with 9 people at a time which can be helpful in organizing webinars for concerned people. Here are the certain ways to apply Google Hangout in your business.

  • Organizing team meetings:

With so many employees spread over various regions it would be difficult to interact with them. Google Hangout provides the best way to interact with the employees working from home or do travelling for their work. Google hangouts on air allows you to have team meetings and you can also share screen with the multiple people all at once. With the help of Google Hangouts you need not to travel for here and there to attend meetings.

  • Holding Webinars:

If you host webinars or want to host one than Google Hangout is the best solution to all these. Hangouts normally allows 10 participants at a time but it can be extended to 15 with Google+ premium features. With Google Hangout on air you can record the complete webinar, edit it and can share it online to reach it prospective audiences. If the cost of your webinar software is keeping away you from having webinars or Q&A sessions for your customers than Google Hangout is the best way to reach your audience.

  • Having a press conference:

People usually have myth that “Only big companies can held press conferences”. For your business you can also held press conference on Google Hangout. You can make big announcements over it and can answer the questions of your followers than there itself. Organizing press conference opens way for you to interact with your prospective audience directly.

  • Product demonstrations:

Hangouts on air is the best place to demonstrate your products and services amongst your prospective customers. A demonstrative video of your product can attract more customers as people trust on the working things. Audience love to watch the demonstration of the product which they would be purchasing.

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